Welcome to my Homepage.

Boy, seems like everyone under the sun says that, huh? I guess I've gotten just a wee bit cynical about the whole thing. Not that it shows, or anything. Now everything is frames and java applet this, and animated gif that. Most pages make my eyes bleed and my head hurt and things just keep bouncing up and down all over the place. The browser likes to crash my machine far more often. So even when I redo my page, don't expect to have music playing in the background. There might be a cool animated gif here and there, but nothing on my page that says "I have a bigger net.dick than you do because my page has ten different java applets, four forms, and every single gif is animated."

I'm not going to put a bio in here, so don't go looking for one. At least, not for right now.

(I've always kinda wondered why people put their entire life up on the web for people who could be psychos to paw through with their grubby little hands on the mouse keys. No offense to any psychos reading this.)

For more pictures of me, go to my picture pages.

And please, no more proposals of marriage.

I don't have a links page yet, but I'm working on it. Really.

And if you want, you can send me mail... Lisa