Step Sings

Step Sings happen three times a year: after Parade Night, after Lantern Night, and after May Day. There is no official step sing after Hell Week, although I know groups of people have gotten together to try and get one going.

I think everyone but the seniors, and maybe the juniors, think that the step sings run way, way too long. The songs that are sung are taken from the senior songbook, which is created at the beginning of the year by the senior songsmistress.

While not a stand-alone tradition, the step sing is an integral part of Parade Night, Lantern Night, and May Day. Members of all classes sit in front of the senior steps, grouped by class level, while the seniors lead the event from the steps. During Parade Night, this is also the first time the lanterns are brought into play during the academic year. Their significance will be dealt with more throroughly during the discussion of Lantern Night. Songs are then sung. Each class sings a self-written Parade Night song, along with a round and a lyric song. There are also an abundance of traditional parodies, such as "I've been working on my thesis" (to the tune of "I've been working on the railroad"), "She's a Grand Old School" (to the tune of "She's a Grand Old Flag"), and "If I Only Had Some Grain" (to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain"). After the conclusion of the Step Sing, which always ends with a singing of the Goodnight song, the tradition is ended.

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