Sophias philai paromen.
Philokaloumen met eute laiar Philosophoumen.
Aneu malakias, plouto ergou
Kairo crometha Athlon ariston,
Kai kindunon tonde.
Kallist on nomizomen.
Enthoumometha orthos hosa praxomen orthos.
Kalon to althlon kai elpis megale,
Elpis megale Kalon to athlon kai
Elpis megale, elpis megale,
Nai megale.


Friends of wisdom, let us gather;
We love beauty with simplicity,
We love wisdom without softness,
We use our talent to accomplish deeds.
This is the finest achievement,
And this is the venture we consider noble.
We have proper pride
In what we have properly achieved.
The achievement is worthy,
And our hope is great, hope is great.
Hope is great, yea, great.


So free us from our profs for men,
Knee-high-to-you men, met at the mixer,
Really, so few men.
Ah me, alack, alas, none of you'll do!
There are no men our wrists on to kiss on.
Why don't you call Monday,
Call me please, call me, oh men!
And through the months there
Are those horsy Penn Dent men, oh no!
Alone with Harry, God help us, my God,
Help us my God, aye, my God.