Mine Eyes Have Seen the Horror
(tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the horror of the ending of the term,
It has poisoned all my spirits like an apple with a worm,
It's infected all my freedom, like an ugly cancer germ,
The truth shall soon be known.

Failure, failure, degradation!
Failure and humiliation!
Failure, failure, academia!
The truth shall soon be known!

On the lines of every gradebook, there is solemn news for me.
The worst is yet to come when financial aid ignores my plea.
So, I guess the only answer is to drop my books and flee!
The truth shall soon be known!


Well, the end has finally come, and I have failed to pass a class.
Though all the fun and laughter, goofing off, was really quite a gas.
But I won't be in the numbers of the capped and gowned mass,
The truth was finally shown!