1999 Parade Night Song

(tune: The Brady Bunch)

Here's the story
Of some Bryn Mawr Freshmen.
We call ourselves the Class of '99.
All of us have hearts of gold,
Like the juniors,
Our sisters for all time.

Here's the story
Of some laid-back seniors,
Who are going out to make the world their own.
They shall carve a path
For us to follow
Here in our new home.

Here's the story
Of some drooling sophomores
Who are right there on the brink of sophomore slump.
When they're not passed out,
They're begging for dates,
And they always get dumped.

'Til the one day when we freshmen met the sophomores
(Wild boars!)
The smell almost made us lose our lunch
(Spew chunks!)
And we knew,
'Cause we're so brilliant,
That the sophomores suck!
The sophomores suck (juniors cool!)
The sophomores suck (seniors rule!)
We're glad we're not them because they suck!