1998 Parody of 1999

(tune: The Brady Bunch)

Here's the story
Of some first cousins
Whose love was a bit too close for kin.
Their kids, now here at Bryn Mawr
Are the froshies
Who lust for Havermen.

Here's the story
Of some great women,
Those seniors, the class of '96.
They're all goddesses,
Like Athena,
They're really awesome chicks!

Here's the story
Of more brilliant women,
The Beautiful class of '98.
Those froshie girls
Saw us sophomores
And learned that they're fourth rate.

Soon comes one week in late winter that's called Hell Week,
When the frosh will learn what pain is all about.
And those twits,
The weak and useless juniors,
Are so dumb that they can't even help them out!

They call us whores ('cause we get more!)
And they get none (boy, they do beg)
They can't give it away even for free.