May Day Pictures

Traditionally, on May Day, everyone wears white. This tradition, while still observed by some, has undergone many modifications. This is just an example of May Day garb, from my frosh year. From left to right: Neha, Ginger, Mer, Erin, Tara, me, Rosy (kneeling).


More examples from May Day 1999.


For the parade, the president of the college chooses the vehicle to transport her in the parade. Mary Pat used to ride a horse before she had knee trouble, then she drove the green facilities cart. Nancy J. had a float on her first May Day, in keeping with the Mardi Gras theme, and on May Day 1999, she rode on the back of a Harley, to go with the beach theme.


Also in the parade are faculty and staff members dressed in Renaissance clothing. This is the director of auxilary services, Cam Schauf, complete with flowers.


This is the hoop race. Superstition holds that the winner is the first to receive a graduate degree and the second-place finish is the first to marry. I have yet to figure out why I would want to race for either of these things :)


And some seniors, who don't have hoops, improvise with things such as this Mercedes-Benz hubcap, carried by Audrey Kennan '96.


And there is always a May Day concert. On May Day 1999, Voices on the Verge performed an excellent concert.

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