Hell Week Pictures

At least in our day, this was one of the signs that Hell Week was upon us. My traditions partner, Erin, in her legendary pimp outfit. She was a Pem East frosh, which meant that she was a part of the whore corps for dorm dress-up day. Instead of being a whore, she was a pimp. She started the pimp contest, which went on while we were there, and for all we know, still goes on.


Another example of dorm dress-up, this is me and Ginger as Denbigh Debutantes.


From my frosh year trials, these were the seniors. They decided to dress as dead famous people. This is Annie, Jill, and Lynn as the Three Stooges.


And an example of the sophomore role, as intimidator. This is Erica Vero, playing "Sid the Butcher." The sophomores had decided to be the mafia. Every dorm takes different themes for their trials. These are just examples from my experience.


One of the most visible parts of Hell Week is the stage in the main dining hall where frosh put on various performances at the request of their hellers. This was me and Rosy pretending to be badass after one such performance.


Me and Steph, after our performance of the "Potato Rap."


This is the group of people responsible for Hell Week in Pem East during Hell Week of 1997. Several of us were sophomore reps, the ones officially in charge of the hell week for the dorm. Everyone else just pitched in for an awesome time.

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