This is me and my former roommate Melissa. She totally cracks me up, if you met her you'd never stop laughing.

This is me with my other friend Becca after we got our hair done last year. (I have a link to her page) she also makes me laugh a lot. Gosh if you spent any time with me I don't think I would ever be able to talk because I would be laughing all the time. It's amazing that I can even find the time to do my work!

This is me and my buddy Cara from Vermont. This was taken on one of the many trips I have taken with her and her family. We were in New Jersey at the beach. It was a lot of fun.

Like I said I like to bike. I have been going to the same bike camp for about seven years now., This is me and my friend Ellen before we left. It was taken a couple years ago which I why I have such long hair.

These are my friends from high school, we still hang out a lot. This picture was taken at the end of last summer the last time we were all together before we returned to school. They are really cool!

This is my dog Oliver. He passed away at the beginning of the year but he was the best dog on the whole earth. He could even Hula-hoop.