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Hee Hee Hee.

Sorry, I'm new at this and as soon as I put some more thought into what I want on this page it will be much improved. I am sick of this page always being the same and never changing, it's so boring. Anyway, I am almost finished my third year at Bryn Mawr College. It's kind of hard to believe that I am halfway done already. But I guess I will survive.

THIS is ME in polar coordinates!! Hee hee, I love math

I think that I am supposed to say something about myself on here somewhere, so here goes. I am from Vermont, and I am majoring in math. I love to bike. It is about the only form of exercise I enjoy. Bryn Mawr, PA is a beautiful area, slightly lacking in trees and filled with high speed drivers. Anyway, I do love it down here and I have met a lot of nice people. Want to see them? Go here: friends.

So those are my friends. Well, not all my friends. I should update it, but I haven't had time, maybe when exams are finished. I have really made a lot of improvements in the picture area. I used to only have pictures of Melissa and Becca, but now I have pictures of real live Vermonters too.

My friend Melissa happens to be slightly obsessed (if one can be slightly obsessed) with Tintin. Not sure what that is? Go here to find out.

Just for Melissa I have doctored a picture of Tin Tin:

And now for an extra special treat why don't you look at my friend Becca's page, it's slightly more advanced than my page, but only slightly because mine now includes a picture of me in polar coordinates!. Or! You could go see Melissa's insane page!

Why don't you go look at my father's page? He's a professor of mathematics at UVM (Ah Ha! you say, THAT's why she's majoring in math!). Sometime I will try to find pictures of the rest of my family.

Well, I think this will be it for now. Remember this is still under repair but if you have any suggestions or you like Billy Joel the movie "Clue" or you like to bike and are from Vermont you can e mail me at:

Remember that HiLary has only one L just like the word "hilarity"