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Here are a bunch of 2d works I've done since college. Starting off this collection are some concept sketches I did for the laboratory cutscene in the game Descent: Freespace, which was a PC title.

Next are a bunch of photoshop studies, followed by several drawings from my life drawing sketchbook, as well as several drawings from my primary sketchbook where I generally draw in whenever the mood strikes me.

Finally, at bottom of the page, are two concepts from my college career as an Industrial designer as well as some 3d models (in both foamcore and wood) that I included on this page for lack of a better location.

Descent: Freespace - Lab Scene Concepts & 3d Render
Photoshop Textures
Life Drawing
Industrial Design Concepts

Personal Digital Assistant

Outdoor Lighting System


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"No artist ever completes a work... he only abandons it."
- Chuck Jones' Uncle
Last Updated:
21 November 2000