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Along with Mike Comet, I animated cutscenes for Descent: Freespace. Unfortunately, these cutscenes haven't been released, so if you want to see them, you'll have to find a copy of the game.

All of the work presented in the Animation section was done in Lightwave 3D by Newtek and typically consist of a zipped up AVI files.

In the next section are a collection of screenshots from some of the videogames I've worked on. Both projects were done exclusively in 3dsMAX with textures being created primarily in Adobe Photoshop. In many cases, I made did some of the modeling in Lightwave, but this wasn't atypical of the other artists on these projects.

Animation (2.8mb) (3.4mb)

Manta (1.38 mb) (385 kb)
3d Renders

Playstation2: Summoner
The Summoner images are linked off of 
If they aren't appearing, that site is probably down as well.
PC - Descent: Freespace

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21 November 2000