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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Sanrio Character Are You?

I was bored, and I know someone who likes these little critters :) I am......... Quiz Result Provided By:
What Sanrio Character Are You?
Hosted by Anime. Done right.
(Thanks Lil Lioness!)

Jay Kay. You're not getting old are you??

Had a fun night last night. I went and saw Jamiroquai, on almost a spur of the moment at the AIS Arena, just getting my ticket yesterday morning. It seems that their popularity has waned a little since their last visit in 2002. Their last time they were in Canberra, it was their only other gig, besides playing at the 'Vibes on a Sunny Day' tour, and in Sydney. That gig sold out quickly and I missed out on tickets. So, I rocked up to the AIS Arena. I don't think I have been there since I saw the Wiggles about 4 years ago. The crowd was fairly varied. Lots of clean-cut yuppy folk, but also your odd extravagant hat-wearing fans. I also saw some 50 somethings in the crowd trying to get down. Wonder if they could get back up.....:) I only caught the last 2 songs from the support band, the 'Sneaky Sound System'. A DJ, an MC and a vocalist. They didn't really do much for me, but I didn't really hear enough to judge them. After they were done, the drum kit and percussion pit were unveiled and we all waited patiently for Jay kay and his band to come out. I was sitting up on the sides in some seats next to some friends when the band came out, and then Jay Kay with one of his many hats, strode out. They kicked right into 'Canned Heat', which would be one of their favourites. After I was kicked out of the seats that I had 'borrowed', the floor looked like the place to be and seeing as though no-one was even standing up in the seats for a boogie, it was fun to get on the dancefloor and actually move around a bit. The band was very tight, and Jay Kay threw out a few moves, but he seems to be slowing down a little. Not as much dancing from him as I expected. They only played one song from their first album, 'Emergency on Planet Earth', which was 'Revolution'. It was great to hear it live after playing that album regularly over the last 12 years, but I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play more old stuff, especially 'When you Gonna Learn', or 'Too Young to Die'. They belted out the hits though, 'Cosmic Girl', 'Lilttle L', 'Black Capricorn Days'. But there was no 'Virtual Insanity' surprisingly. They really hit their straps with 'Love Foolosophy' and 'Use the Force'. The crowd was really starting to warm up and dance, and then they went off (literally), after playing their latest single, '(Don't) Give Hate a Chance'. (very funky!) They came back for one more song, 'Alright', and then they bid Canberra goodnight. They were good! Not spectacular, but good, and I had a fun night. I guess when a band has 6 albums and 60+ songs in their catalogue, you're always going to get disappointed when your personal favourites aren't played. But they did the crowd favourites and they played really really good. Damn I wish I could play bass like him. Anyway, next stop is The Foo Fighters in Sydney on Friday night! I will be sore, sweaty and deaf after that one!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Exercise your Musical Muscle!

Here's something to do on a Friday arvo. Apparently (although I am not convinced), there are 72 bands or artists represented in this picture. I have found 33. See how many you can find and post them here!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Has 'To Blog or not To Blog' jumped the shark???

Ok. Thank You TJ. Your post about Snuffleupagus made me click-through to the wiki article about him being imaginary, (still sounds like crap to me, or maybe I've just blocked it out of my memory because it was too traumatic), and then, I happened to see the term 'Jumping the Shark'. I have seen this term around, and have never known what it meant. But thank the Net Gods for Wikipedia (which has now redeemed itself, and also may have Jumped the Shark itself) and for this article. That's all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Capital Punishment....

No, this is not about Van Nguyen, this is about me and my potential future..... I could be going from here.... to here.... Stay tuned! ...... ..... But speaking of Van Nguyen. Do we have capital punishment in this country?? NO! Do the majority of Australians believe in capital punishment? I should fucking hope NOT! For a drug crime, should we be killing traffickers? I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! So then why do 59% of people in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (I know, I know...great paper that it is) "agree that the punishment that Nguyen Tuong Can is due to receive is his just reward?" 59%. Fucking morons. Don't give me the 'Well, he was in a country where the punishment is severe.....' blah blah blah. I asked an ex-colleague today this question. "Do you think that Nguyen deserves to be killed for his crime?" All he could retort with was, "Well if he's in a country where that is the penalty, that's what happens " But I asked if he thought he deserved to die. He gave me no answer to the question no matter how many times I asked. I guess he fits into that 59%....

Monday, November 21, 2005

Pick your caption....

What is the fuck-head below thinking in this little incident today where he tried to storm off from a press conference in China, only to head straight towards locked doors. a) ZZZZT! Ow! (Chinese Electrocution trick) b) Oh my, I should have worn my 'Depends' today... c) If only this door lead to Camp David, I could avoid these damn reporters.... d) Exchange this, China!! (Rips door off hinges and flings it into the crowd before sprinting down corridor) e) I think I left my brain in my

Friday, November 18, 2005

It's time to re-design...

It's time for a change. I have always liked the design of my blog. Sure it's not very fancy, and sure I flogged it from here, but it's getting a bit old, and I think I need a fresh new look. So, stay tuned for something new! One of these days when I get around to it....

Thursday, November 17, 2005

You better believe it! We're going to Germany!

What a night! What a game! 82,000 people in full voice. It's not something you hear very often. Sydney was electric. The singing as we got off the train at Central Station ran chills down my spine. The National Anthem was deafening. The roar when Aloisi potted that penalty kick. It's like something from a dream and it's still sinking in. Now...if only I could get to Germany.... ..... And as for the opposition with their stupid games, stupid comments, their unsportsmanlike conduct and their 'Divine Right'... ...see below

Thursday, November 10, 2005

2.22 Million viewers? Not me baby.

I have to agree with this.: "DANCING With The Stars may have drawn a cool 2.22 million viewers for its grand final, but imagine how many more would be tuning in if Daryl Somers wasn't hosting the Seven Network hit." I have never ever watched more than about 1 minutes of this show, and my eyes are still burning when I saw him.... (...on the left...) ....make some lame-arse comment about 'wishing that everyone could be a winner'. Christ. It's not 'Hey Hey..' any more Daryl.. If Paul McDermott was hosting it, would I watch it? Maybe. (Strictly Dancing has been Axed, but Paul has a new show coming up on the ABC I think)

Rate My Life Results....Ouch

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.8
Mind: 6.2
Body: 8.6
Spirit: 3.8
Friends/Family: 6.5
Love: 3.6
Finance: 7.2
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
I guess I should have expected that, considering how I've been feeling lately... But hey, life is only as good as you make it I guess.... I found this quiz via Enny-Pen's blog (check it out, if not just for the cute use of colour!)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Movie Review - Wolf Creek

There has been so much hype leading up to the release of this movie and I have heard stories of people hurling chunks of their popcorn in the cinemas or simply walking out. It's been classed as 'The Scariest movie you'll ever see'. So of course, I was sucked in by the hype and went and saw it last night at Hoyts Woden. I was there about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and there were only 4 other people in the cinema. I thought that it was going to be a poor showing. Boy was I wrong. Over the next 30 minutes (which is how long it took for the movie to start including the previews), the cinema filled right up to about 75% full. Now, I'm patriotic and I love my Australian music/TV/Movies and it was heart-warming to see that many people in a cinema for an Aussie movie. Mind you, there was stuff-all else on, (I wanted to see Nick Caves' The Proposition, but that had crap times), unless you were into a Chick Flick (see: Pride and Prejudice, In Her Shoes, Elizabethtown, Must Love Dogs and some thing about Ballroom Dancing and Charm School...), or some ordinary action movie(Doom (I like The Rock, but come on), Into the Blue). The first third of the movie sets up the characters and scene excellently. There is some solid casting here and the characters were likeable and the storyline, solid. It was refreshing to see some Australian landscape that didn't make you feel like you were watching a tourist commercial. (although, spot the error when the sun rises over the sea on the west coast!) The travellers (2 English Backpackers, and an Aussie guy), who are heading from Broome to Cairns (now that's a killer drive!) stop at the Wolf Creek Crater, (actually called Wolfe Creek Crater in WA) and it's here that things start to go wrong. Sure the crater is pretty and the company was nice, but when your car won't start and you are 100's of kilometres from nowhere you start to shit your pants. Which is exactly what the crowd started to do as we watch the 3 travellers meeting Mick Taylor(John Jarrett, who Quentin Tarantino hails as Australia's best actor and is casting in a future movie called Grind House.) and accepting a lift back to his camp so he can fix their car. So, this is where it all goes pear-shaped for our trio of young folk. I won't go into detail. But from here on in it's some top notch horror/thriller action. Most people don't come to expect top class horror from an Australian movie, but this movie goes to show what we can produce, something decent as opposed to Razorback. (Classic!) And it isn't that gruesome. Sure, there's some bloody scenes, and you are squirming in your seat a little, but most of it is left up to the imagination. It's your head that is thinking the worst stuff. What you see on the screen is not actually that gory. But the suspense, and the tone of the movie are excellent. They suck you in, and you are in for a top ride. My first impression when it was over was, "Is that it?". I was a little disappointed because of all the hype leading up to it and the professed 'extreme'-ness of the movie. But once I got past the fact that I was actually a blood thirsty maniac looking to live my psycho-killer side through characters on a screen, I realised the quality of this movie. The casting, the script, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the lighting. All quality. I truly hope this movie gets the accolades and the attention it deserves. Australia can, and does produce quality movies, but too often they have little universal appeal and are not widely publicised. I hear that Wolf Creek will be released in the US on Christmas Day, so I will be interested to see what sort of reaction it gets there. (note that Saw II debuted at No. 1 in the US Box Office this week.)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Want some fries with that?

You ever one of those days where it just feels like your brain is fried? Where you can't compute anything more in your head for the day? Like the rechargeable batteries in your head have been exhausted? I am at that point right now. It's 5.10pm. Probably home time, but I was hoping to rack up some extra hours for the week. But I just can't work any more. I can't bring my head around Logical problems. I just need to slack off and blog without it looking like I am slacking off. I know scientists say that we should stimulate our brains all the time because it will help us in old age, but sometimes I wonder if we use up our brain cells by thinking too much. I know that my brain has done its fair share of thinking in the last year and it really does just need a rest. No wonder I've been getting so many headaches lately... Praise the lords that I am heading to Mollymook on Sunday for a few days, and then scooting up the coast to the 2nd leg of the World Cup Qualifier in Sydney on Wednesday. My brain needs a rest. I need to just not think for days and see how I go. Maybe things will be clearer after that. Maybe. Maybe not. But Maybe.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Big Yin is Coming!

Yes yes, 2006! The one and only Billy is touring Australia. I managed to snaffle tickets to the Canberra show (March 3rd) at the Royal Theatre. Damn, he makes me smile. He is one of those comedians that not only makes you think and can make you all whimsical and shit, but he doesn't mind the crude stuff as well. I wonder if he is mellowing with age? "Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit."

Friday, November 04, 2005

The best thing to come out of NZ, along with The Finns.

I love Footrot Flats. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a comic book that a bloke called Murray Ball has been producing for 30 years now. It's about a man ("Wal"), his dog ("Dog"), his cat ("Horse"), his mate ("Cooch"), and various other family members and characters that pop in along the way. It's set in rural NZ, but it could easily be set in rural NSW as well. The humour is quaint, relaxed, never controversial, but always funny. I have been trying to track down the Soundtrack to the movie, A Dogs Tail on CD: It's apparently not being made any more, and it seems that copies of it are scarce (I am bidding for one on Ebay as we speak, and it is up to $21 already with 8 days to go!) Good news is that the DVD of the movie is being released next Wednesday! I am stoked about that. Now what about re-releasing the CD??

Drew Carey paves the way

Apparently a patent has been taken out by Nestle to make Coffee Beer, but this idea was already done on the old Drew Carey Show. I love how life imitates sitcoms...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Melbourne Cup makes Mick broke

I always do it. I always spend too much money on the Melbourne Cup, and almost always win nothing back. But it's the great Aussie tradition isn't it? I don't bet on stuff during the year usually. I don't spend too much money on the pokies, so why not a flutter on the Big Race? Anyway, here's my bets for the race so far today. 3 Trifectas: 1st Trifecta: - (The one without the Diva in it) Vinnie Row Portland Singa Leica Falcon 2nd Trifecta: (The one that I hope wins, cause it'll pay good) Makybe Diva Umbula Mr Celebrity 3rd Trifecta: (The one with the favourites in it) Makybe Diva Railings Leica Falcon I will probably do more bets and sweeps and then more bets. I just can't help myself... UPDATE: I did end up putting $5 on the nose on Makybe Diva, Eye Popper, Umbula and Leica Falcon. I won $22, but outlayed about $45 all up, so once again I lose. Oh well. There's always next year.... ...or today. I hear they run horses every day...

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