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Friday, July 29, 2005

Eximo Joe (sic)

Yeah, last night was fun. having never seen Eskimo Joe in the flesh before, I did not quite know what to expect. Most gigs that I go to now-a-days involve lots of jumping and sweating, so it was quite a change to go to a gig where you stand and sway. (anyone who tried to jump and sweat was hauled away by one of the two security guards who looked mighty bored most of the night). But I have been a fan of Eskimo Joe for ages, but have never seen them live, and only fairly recently actually listened to their new album properly. They are catchy, clean and very easy to listen to. I have always seen them as fresh-faced young whipper-snappers since their cute first song 'Sweater' (which I was hoping to hear last night but to no avail) The night started with Steve Parkin & The Foreign Films, who really went off in front of a decent crowd for a support act. They have a similar feel to the 'Joe' but were probably a little more rock. I definitely recommend them though if you get a chance to see them. The lead singer has a lot of charisma too and along with his little brother they seemed to be having a lot of fun.. After not too long a wait, we were presented with Eskimo Joe. I thought they were a little flat at first. Seemingly going through the motions with songs from their new album, but after about 30 minutes they started to get into it and looked like they enjoyed the crowd (which was pretty decent. Maybe 600?) Once they started belting out 'Older than You' they really had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Kav, the lead singer, has a real presence on stage, and his unique voice lets him hit those high notes with ease. He's not bad on the bass and Acoustic Guitar either... For their song, 'Car Crash', the aforementioned Steve Parkin came onstage and they sang it beautifully together. As they were starting to wind up their first set, Kav called on the crowd to wave their 'lighters' in the air, but to substitute lighters for mobile phones. The result was awesome with hundreds of multi-coloured phones waving in the air and Kav looking mightily impressed. My photo really doesn't do it justice... After this they belted out 'From the Sea', their biggest hit to date and then walked off, only to return and play 2 new songs ('Sarah' & 'New York') and then 'Wake Up' to finish. Top night. Top crowd. Really good atmosphere. I will definitely check them out again some time. I have the band bug at the moment and I think I might go see The Beautiful Girls and/or Butterfingers in a couple of weeks. Anyone interested? I will definitely catch Regurgitator on the 2nd of September though...(Mint Chicks and Snowman supporting!) Oh, and if my repeated links to Eskimo Joe's website weren't good enough hints, go and check out their website cause it's very cool.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Death Star Woofer

You know you want it.... Death Star Home Cinema Subwoofer. But you also know you'd be the worlds biggest nerd.

Telstra dudes, or Optus Guys? Gem knows which is better...

Check out Gempires: Dedicated to Daniel, the Telstra Guy From Melbourne for a bit of a laugh. She definitely has a way with words...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What would you do?

I just walked past the ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope about 5 minutes ago in Woden Plaza. He was by himself, looking around for something or somebody to harrass perhaps... What would you do?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gadget Mad

Go...Go...Gadgets I like gadgets. I like technology. I like toys. Yes, I'm a big kid. I just got a new mobile phone. I have my iPod and I just got the coolest new Simpsons themed game. (Thanks Sarah!) I am still after... Simpsons Wheel of Fortune... Battle of the Sexes...and Poker Set... to complete the set....but I'll get there :) The next thing I am after is a laptop. I have been looking at Toshibas, and Sonys and Dells, but am not really sure which one I should go for. Qosmio? Satellite? Vaio? (pretty names at least) Dell is probably cheapest, but are they nastiest? I like the look of Sonys and Toshibas, but are the extra bucks worth it? I'd appreciate any reviews or suggestions as to which laptop (i refuse to call them notebooks. They're pieces of paper..) I should look at buying, and where!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Kids v Ashes

It's Friday. Woo hoooooo. And that means, Hellenic Club for lunch, slackness in the afternoon and footy + cricket tonight! This weekend I will also be able to spend lots of time with the kids. Time to mould them! Last night, it was (of course) the opening day of the Ashes Test Series. So after feeding the kids, I quickly bathed and dressed them and then talked it up: "Hey! Who wants to watch the start of the cricket test match!" *silence* "It'll be great! Australia plays England! It's called the Ashes! It only happens every 4 years in England!" "Is that on the playstation?" "No, no. It's on TV! SBS got the right to show the test series because no other free-to-air channel wanted it! *More silence* Quick! It's on in 5 minutes!" *dress dress dress....and then drag to lounge room* "Alright, here we go! The first ball. Are you excited??" *silence and weird looks* The first ball is bowled. "wwwwhhhhhoooaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" "Ooooh..nice first ball. What did you think of that??" "Is Australia the team in the white?" "They're all white, sweetie, but Australia has the green helmets and are batting" "Oooh ok, I'll go for them" "Good plan..." The second ball is bowled and Justin Langer gets smacked on the elbow where a huge bruise starts to form "Ouch! That's a big bruise Dad!" "Yeah...that's what happens when you take your eye off the ball" "When I play, I will watch the ball" "Good girl." The boy was just lying on my lap and watching this. After the first over, I said that it was time for bed. He didn't want to go. That's a good sign for a future test cricketer isn't it? Yes. His middle name was taken from my favourite Australian cricket......

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Big G go Boom?

I have posted a topic at The RiotACT this morning after I heard some information about my high school getting demolished. Apparently, the Ginninderra (District) High School will be demolished to be replaced by a 'super' school that will house 1500+ kids from Pre-School to Yr. 10. All the Public and Pre-Schools in Macgregor, Latham, Holt and Higgins would close so that the 'super' kids could all go to the 'super' school. I am a bit saddened by this, seeing as though I spent some good years at the Big G when it was a Good school. But I am also not surprised that they want to shut it down. It is run-down, has a bad reputation and has trouble attracting pupils and teachers. As suggested by a mate of mine, I think they should give ex-students of the school a chance to come down with their sledgehammers and relive a childhool fantasy. I've always wanted to take a hammer to the gas taps...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Film Review: Sin City

I liked it! At first I was a bit worried that there was a thin story line and that it wasn't going to suck me in, but boy was I wrong! I loved the twisting and tying together of the storylines and the way the timeline is skewed back and forth. I think it was written very well, so well done to Frank Miller on that one. The cinematography and 'arty' aspects of the movie were also damn good. I loved the scenes of Marv and Hartigan running through the forest. I loved the use of black and white and the occassional colour. I loved the rainy scenes. I loved the bloody scenes, where you couldn't see the red. I loved the cars 'jumping' down the road. I loved the scenes where it looked like a graphic novel, which is of course what they were trying to do! And yes, Mickey Rourke was fantastic. So believable. Such a solid character, and he played it flawlessly. I was also sorta glad that I couldn't tell it was him by looking at hime cause I have all these pre-conceived scenes of him from other movies (Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man...shudder) I really enjoyed Bruce Willis' performance too. He's an actor that really shines for me. Ok, maybe he doesn't have the biggest range, but what he does, I think he does very well. Overall, it was a very enjoyable movie I reckon. Lots of action. Lots of blood. Excellent narration (such sexy deep voices!). And it was a movie that I didn't want to end. I can't really flaw any of the performances. Even Brittany Murphy did ok, and Benicio Del Toro was excellent. I also found myself wishing that I had watched more Dark Angel to see Jessica Alba. (yow!) It gets into my top 3 movies of the year so far...behind Batman Begins and Episode III.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Into Premier League? Join MY league!

If you're into soccer....i, then please feel free to enter my English Premier League Fantasy League! Just go to the Fantasy Premier League Site Register yourself and then click on Leagues. Enter the code: 26285-5619 And you're in! It's called Aussies United. It's a really good site and it's completely free to play. Have fun!

Ever wanted to change the world? Now you can!

Introducing, the Alternative UN! Here's a perfect opportunity for you to spread your wings and change the world whilst sharing your creative and comical side. Delegate yourself as a delegate and join up to the AUN. Be a real country and rant about your debts to G8 countries, or just make up a country or a state and promote yourself to the rest of the 'world'. Already it seems that Minto has an inside track to being recognised as a separate country. See how easy it is? Come one, come all! Unless of course you're a trekkie. In which case take it to the Star Terk United Nutbags (aka. STUN)

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Gurge....are back!!

Mark down September 2nd in your diaries. Regurgitator are back and playing at the ANU Bar. Thank you thank you thank you!

My Sons First Footy Game

I took my 3 yr old to his first footy game yesterday. It's an annual event for me, and has been for the last 17 years. Although Parramatta don't play in Canberra every year, whenever they do I am religiously there. I took my daughter a couple of years back and she was freaked out by the noise and the people. A year later she was enjoying the game and waving to the mascots. This year it was my sons turn to be blooded into footy culture. Bearing in mind his short attention span, and the fact that it was 8.6 degrees on a cool Sunday arvo in Canberra, I was just hoping he wouldn't want to go home after 10 minutes, but I was pleasantly surprised when for the first half he just sat beside me and watched the game and looked out for Victa the Viking. I had to get him a jumper and shorts. We purchased these last year in anticipation of his first game. He has been avoiding wearing the jumper, but maybe now he'll get used to it. The game was a pretty good one. We were really close to the action, in the front row near the 10 metre line and it was good to see the players so close up. Parra got a couple of awesome tries in the first half and we were leading at the break. Look at how excited he is :) You don't realise until you take kids to the footy how important the mascots and cheerleaders are. It creates excited and interest for the kids when they might otherwise be as bored as batshit. I mean, when Parra are carting the ball up and the referee blows a holding down penalty, the kids don't really get what's going on. Fortunately, Victa isn't such a bad guy and came around and gave Hi 5's and handshakes to the little fans and it was fun to see their reactions. My daughter was always looking out for the cheerleaders (as was Daddy) and they gave the kids Hi 5's whenever they came past. The Eels may have gone down yesterday to a gutsy Raiders side, but Ewan had fun and managed to keep himself warm by running around outside after the game. As opposed to my Daughter... ...who was just cold. Hopefully it'll be the first of many many games for him, although if I believe what he said to me yesterday ("Daddy, it's my go to go out there"), then maybe he'll be actually playing instead of watching! Oh...and by the way, all these photos were taken with my new mobile phone. The Sony-Ericsson K750i. It kicks arse.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some days...

I work with computers every single day. And sometimes this is exactly how I feel.... ....minus the blood, guts and no head. I have been known to bang down mice and keyboards with ferocity.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Footy, Friends and Dwight Who?

Firstly. How goo are my Eels? Smashing the Dragons on Friday night was a highlight of my year. But it wasn't just because of the game. Earlier that day I had heard that Dwight Yorke, ex Manchesterian and now of Sydney Football Club fame, was going to be coming down to Canberra to play against the Belconnen Blue Devils at McKellar Soccer 'stadium'. I also heard that he may be popping into the Soccer club after the game for a meet and greet. I thought this might be fairly unlikely, but hey it was worth a shot seeing as though I can see the lights of the field from my Dad's front step. I watched the first half of the Parra game at home before Gai and Simon came past to pick me up to go to the club. Simon and I rocked on in and the place was about half full, but there was no Dwight to be seen. Later on we found out that he didn't even come to Canberra, let alone hang with the locals! Sounded like a good marketing ploy by the club to me! So, Simon and I settled in with a few beers to watch the second half on a plasma screen. We scored cheap drinks through a mate of mine at the bar, and downed Carlton's and Scotch & Drys whilst cheering on our team to an awesome victory! (hehehe...too bad Marina!) I could have just watched the game at home by myself, but watching it with an old friend whilst getting half-toasted is always a better option! The Eels are now cemented in 2nd spot, and looking the goods to stay in that position for the rest of the season, meaning a week off at finals time and a quicker path to the Grand Final. I may be counting my chickens, but we are looking damn good so far and I'm itching to buy Grand Finals tickets! Of course, before then we have the Eels v Broncos at Parramatta Stadium in the last round to (hopefully) decide the Minor Premiership... :) I had the kids for the weekend and we had a great time. It's been a very good thing to have a chance to spend time with them by myself and they seem to be enjoying it as well. It makes a big difference when everything that they need is up to you and there is no-one else to fall back on. It's something that I should have been used to before, but now at least I get the chance to accept this responsibility and I am very happy with the way I am handling them. They have also been really good for me, and even though 3 yr old boys can be a handful at times, he can also be a absolute angel which makes it all worth it. Can't wait for the weekend this week. I have the Raiders v Eels on Sunday. Going to Sydney on Saturday to meet a friend for the first time, and hoping to have a top night out at 'Cheese on Toast' on Friday night with more friends! Roll on Friday I say!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Alive? Me? Sorta...

I know it's been a while. Life has been super hectic at the moment and without a good computer to use at home and not having time to blog from work, I have neglected my blog friends a lot. This may continue for another little while until work gets a little quieter and/or I have a good computer to use at home. I am in the market for a laptop though if anyone has any good ideas or bargains! I've been developing Web Applications and getting immersed into the world of Nursing Homes... It's so fun! I mean. I have to develop a survey that allows residents to be rated and have questions asked such as..."Do you feel that your life is empty?" Hard hitting stuff! In other news. I saw Madagascar & Batman Begins, and they were both good, but Batman Begins is now ranked as my favourite movie of the year. Full review to come! Other than that, my contract has been extended for 12 months. (Hooray for me) and I am getting used to living at home again...(slowly) State of Origin decider tomorrow night should be great. I'll be catching it with an old friend which I am looking forward to! I had a nice weekend last weekend, but have been coughing, sniffly and congested since then. It's a good thing to have work to focus on, because if I didn't I think I would be holed up in bed right now. The motivation of having to do work keeps me moving and on my feet. Hope you loyal readers are all well, and I will try and catch up on fellows bloggers lives soon! Blog out.

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