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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

[Review] Donnie Darko - The Directors Cut

The first time I saw Donnie Darko, it was night, I was watching it alone, and I was completely absorbed. When it finished, I was in tears, sitting on the couch with tingles running through me. I went straight onto the net and bought it on DVD. No other movie I have ever seen has affected me like Donnie Darko. "Why?" It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but I believe it is close to as perfect as a film can get, and the fact that is was written and directed by a young 20's guy making his first film, makes it even more astounding. "But what makes it so good?" The script. The soundtrack. The actors. The scenery. The facial expressions. Everything about it just works. It's hard to even say what makes it good, but when you get that tingling feeling down your spine, you know you've seen something special... Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes are amazing. The way he can look up and have that evil little grin just looks so good. And I really want one of those bunny masks for Halloween. If you haven't seen it, look out for the Directors Cut travelling around Australia. If you don't get, don't worry. Just see it again...and again...and again.. But be sure to think about it before you judge it.

Friday, October 22, 2004

It never pours..

We need rain? These people don't. Northern NSW is getting it's fair share of rain this week! Even Canberra has gotten some, which is nice for the lawns, and dams. And the Nattai river is flowing for the first time in 15 years, adding much needed water to Sydney dams. Makes you think that maybe mother nature has a plan for everything.....

Why Krispy?

I had my first Krispy Kreme the other day. It tastes just like a ring of sugar, but damn it's good. I have frozen a few of them, cause apparently they keep well and I can slowly eat them into the future....without the kids getting to them ;) It seems to be the latest fundraising fad. And seeing as though it doesn't look like their going to put a store in Canberra in a hurry, I'm sure they'll be pretty popular! Mind you. $1 for a donut is the going rate. But they are probably worth it :)

Monday, October 18, 2004

[Review] AvP

I have been looking forward to this movie for a while. I mean...who wouldn't? 2 excellent creations from 2 different movies streams, coming together in a fight to the death! maybe it all sounds a bit corny, but this movie is surprisingly corn-less. No Arnie. No Danny Glover. No Ripley. But we do get a good dose of Lance Hendriksen (look for the Alien reference near the start!) Most of the actors you would have never heard of, but they are basically cannon fodder for the Aliens and Predators as they try to get their 'hunt' underway. There are some excellent action scenes of the 2 creatures at battle, but for me there weren't enough. I think the humans get in the way of some awesome demonic fighting action. The slow-mo bits of the Predator in full flight are just awesome. (I suggest sitting back from the big screen to appreciate the fighting scenes!) The story line originally seems a bit weak, but once the history is explained, it actually makes the movie more interesting, and the scenes involving the last remaining predator and the last remaining human are quite well done. I think it's worth seeing if you liked any of the preceding movies, but if not, then you probably won't get into it. 3 1/2 Stars.

Friday, October 15, 2004

3 years is a long time..

I think that this image.... just the start of a LOT of protesting over the next 3 years. And one fear (from some) is that this protesting will get a lot louder and more noticeable than a scribble on a wall in Redfern. I think that things may get drastic as far as reactions go to Howards racist, sexist, homophobic policies. In some ways I wish I was more radical and spoke out for the things I believed in more, but I'm not prepared to accept the circumstances to those actions. 100's of people ARE prepared to accept circumstances. And it's those people that could well make many statements over the next 3 years... Of course, magnify this 1000 times if Bush gets back in. Then the boiling pot that is 'The Earth' could very well explode...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I didn't vote for him...YOU did...

Fuck yeah.... Read these. Thanks to theory slut vs. music junkie #5 #4 #3 #2 #1

Wanna see a Flying kangaroo?

Ok, I've calmed down a little since the weekend. But something else was on last weekend that is worth mentioning. The Bathurst 1000 was on and I did the manly thing and watched it with my neighbour and around 20 beers. It was a fun day, and an enjoyable race. One spectacular bit of it was this, A Flying Kangaroo! Jim Richards slammed into it at the top of the mountain, probably going around 150km/h

Monday, October 11, 2004


3 more years. Shit. What can I say other than that. Are the Australian people mad, stupid, ignorant or just fucked in the head? Here's hoping the US can actually retain some sanity and get rid of their leader next month... Shit!

Friday, October 08, 2004

[Cricket] A new Michael to worship!

First there was Dean Jones, then came Michael Slater followed by Michael Bevan. I now have a new favourite player. Michael Clarke has hit the top of my cricketing charts (leapfrogging Glen McGrath) as my favourite current Australian cricketer. His 151 on debut against India is the stuff that dreams are made of, and I want to be along for the ride with this guy throughout his career. He has been likened to Doug Walters, which is a compliment in itself, but as you can tell I love players that go for their shots, especially in test matches! Some of the shots he was hitting off Anil Kumble yesterday were memorable. I also love the fact that he won me $40. (I put $5 on him to be the 1st innings highest scorer at $8) :) Here's to many many more centuries from Australia's newest cricketing legend, and the next big 'Michael' in Aussie cricket! ....... Now that I think of it, let's give you a top 5 of my favourite current, and all-time Australian cricketers (that I have seen play) Current 1. Michael Clarke - Young. Westie. Powerful. 2. Glen McGrath - Old. Accurate. Passionate 3. Ricky Ponting - Larrikin. Easy-going. Punishing 4. Jason Gillespie - Fast. Hair. Nice guy. 5. Darren Lehmann - Boxhead. Old School. Strong All-time (that I have seen in my life) 1. Michael Slater - My sons' middle name is Slater. That speaks for itself. Legend. 2. Dean Jones - Awesome hitter. Made One Day cricket what it is today. 3. Merv Hughes - The definition of cricket is 'Big Merv'. He played for the joy, passion and spirit that cricket is. 4. Michael Bevan - A Canberra lad, and his 4 off the last ball against the Windies is a moment I will never forget. (I was there!) 5. David Boon - The fact that a short stubby Aussie can be a great cricketer is something to admire.... So is downing 52 beers from Australia to England in a plane ;) ------------------- There we go. I like my cricketers to be from the old-school. I am sick of the god-fearing, regime loving cricketers of today. Give me a cricketer who smoked, drank and then went out to score a century, or take 5 wickets!

D-Day....Latham vs Howard

So, tomorrow is the big election day. Before the last 2 elections I have said, "If I have to put up with Howard for another 3 years I am going to go crazy" This time? I am expecting him to win. Why? Cause I want to be fucking happy when Latham gets in. VOTE LIBERALS LAST! That's my motto :) Even put the racists and homophobes before your Liberal candidate! (oh...actually they are the same thing...) Vote for Howard, and you are going to hell! (isn't that what the 'Family First' party is proposing?) But, yes, we all know that we don't actually VOTE for Howard or Latham (unless you're in their electorate...), we vote for the little politician dweeb that is running in your area. And yes, they're all the same....and none of them are working for you, or me. They're working for the man. *sigh* There goes my disillusionment of this country again. Why can't there be more 18-30 year olds in this country? THEY'RE all smarter than the baby boomers combined! Have a nice weekend

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bathurst Drinking Game...

So, the greatest car race in the world is on this Sunday, and I love nothing better than watching it with mates and getting drunk. Last year we devised a drinking game for the Bathurst 1000 to help us along the way (it's a long race!) This year, me and my mates are doing it again. Does anyone have any ideas of how we can improve it? ------------------------------------ The traditional Bathurst V8 Supercar drinking game rules Any of the following conditions incur one sip: - Each time a pit stop time is mentioned - A replay of any crash (including minor bumps and sideswipes) and incidents of cars going off the track into sandpits, or across stretches of lawn. Any of the following conditions incur one mouthful: - A VB advertisement (this includes the small ones across the bottom of the screen) - Any views of Bathurst - Any shots of entries into the 'Best Banner' competition Any of the following conditions incur two mouthfuls: - The start of a safety car period - The end of a safety car period - Every lap of a safety car period that extends longer than 2 laps - Every time they show one of those bloody useless 'technical' pieces that describes how this year's fuel pump works or whatever. Any of the following conditions mean what ever is left of your drink must be finished: - Anytime you hear a commentator's mobile phone or they swear - Skaife complaining about the appalling drivers he's had to contend with - Kelly and Murphy win the race again this year (actually, add a shot of 'bucca onto this one) - Every time Besnard goes off the track. Extra drinking is allowed at any time, at drinker's own risk.

The MONT 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race...I'm out.

Well, I was going to do it. I was going to go in the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race around Kowen Forest. One Problem. I haven't ridden a bike more than a kilometre for about 5 years. Tim, (a good mate), took me out to the course that will raced on next weekend, yesterday. It is a 20km course that goes up and down hills, on fire roads and single track paths. It looks to be a fun course. Pity I only made it 3km around... I have been doing this running lately, but that does not prepare me for the fitness I'd need to complete the course. I was totally buggered after doing a few kilometres, and unfortunately had to turn back (thanks for helping me find my way back, Tim!) I guess jogging fitness and Mountain Biking fitness are 2 different things. My heart was beating like crazy after going up a single track through the forest. Way faster than it would after running 5km. So, I guess I won't be doing the race....this year. With any luck, I can find a bike to ride again, get some bike fitness up and go in it next year. Meanwhile, good luck to the 'Choad Chaffers' (Tim's team) in the race next weekend. Sorry the team is now down to 4! For the uninitiated, the MONT Australian 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race is a race around a set track in Kowen Forest, where you can race as an individual (crazy bastards), or in a team (as I was going to do). The person, or team that completes the most laps in the 24 hour period wins their category. I really wish I could go in it this year, but I think I should have jumped on a bike sooner than the week before! Oh well...there's always the marathon...

[NRL] Australian teams announced.

What pisses me off: The fact that the Australian coach always seems to get the players HE wants (being from the NRL club he coaches) The Broncos are the most represented club in the Australian tour squad to play in the Tri-Nations tournament against England and New Zealand. Funny that. The Brisbane coach, Wayne Bennett is now the Australian coach. Tonie Carroll, who has played for New Zealand in the past, is now playing for Australia. Not only is that wrong, but he is CRAP! Also, Berrigan was included, which I think is wrong as well.. Here's the squad. You make up your mind. Anthony Minichiello (Roosters), Matt Bowen (Cowboys), Luke Rooney (Panthers), Matt Sing (Cowboys), Shaun Berrigan (Broncos), Tonie Carroll (Broncos), Matt Cooper (Dragons), Brent Tate (Broncos), Willie Tonga (Bulldogs), Daren Lockyer (Broncos) (c), Scott Hill (Storm), Craig Gower (Panthers), Brett Kimmorley (Sharks), Petero Civoniceva (Broncos), Mark O'Meley (Bulldogs), Jason Ryles (Dragons), Shane Webcke (Broncos), Danny Buderus (Knights) (v/c), Craig Wing (Roosters), Michael Crocker (Roosters), Craig Fitzgibbon (Roosters), Nathan Hindmarsh (Eels), Willie Mason (Bulldogs), Andrew Ryan (Bulldogs) and Ben Kennedy (Knights). Also, the Junior Kangaroos squad has been announced, with a couple of Eels (and ex-Eels) included. Brett Stewart (Sea Eagles); David Milne (Raiders), Cameron Phelps (Bulldogs), Jamie Frizzo (Bulldogs), Joel Reddy (Eels); Feleti Mateo (Eels), Todd Carney (Raiders); Ben Creagh (Dragons), Reece Williams (Sharks), Nate Myles (Bulldogs), Tom Leroyd (Broncos), Heath L'Estrange (Roosters), Sam Thaiday (Broncos). Subs: Keith Galloway (Sharks), Dane Tilse (Knights), Mickey Paea (Roosters) and Berrick Barnes (Broncos).

Sunday, October 03, 2004

[NRL] The Grand Final

It's all over. The Bulldogs are the champions for 2004. Right until the opening kickoff I didn't know who I wanted to win, but as the game continued, I realised I was clapping whenever the Roosters dropped the ball and booing when the Roosters scored. It became obvious who I wanted to lose, and they did. Don't get me wrong. I hate...even despise the Bulldogs, especially as I am a Parramatta supporter, but when it came down to it, I would rather see the Roosters lose, than the Roosters win. And it was almost heart-warming to see the new Bulldogs captain, ex-Eel Andrew Ryan, come up with the game winning tackle. So, it's all over for another year, and now we can look forward to the 2005 season. The year of the EEL! (oh yeah, and I'll probably not talk about footy so much in my blog now ;))

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