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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Swish Swish Swish

So, tomorrow I head up to the snow for a few days to swish down the slopes. Can't wait to be skiing down the slopes of Perisher. Take a look at how lovely it looks! I will be skiing this year, as last years Snowboarding efforts left me battered and bruised beyond belief! At least with skiing you can move your feet independently of each other, and it's easier to stop! Hoping to check out some of the nightlife up there too. Either at Jindabyne, or at the snowfields themselves. Would be nice to check out some bands, and have a few drinks in warmth somewhere! Anyway, I'll be back on Monday....if I'm still alive :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Which Simpsons Character is Gay??

A Simpsons chracter is coming out of the closet! But who will it be? Smithers is the obvious choice, but like the article says, it's too obvious. I reckon it'll be Lenny(the white one). He seems to always be a bachelor. Dunno if he'll marry Carl though (who I think has a wife anyway). Ahhhh, the Simpsons. may it keep going until I am old, grey and in a home(r).

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Impressions of the States

So, my mate just got back a trip to the US for a few weeks. He was visiting a couple of my other mates (G'day Dougall and Tinning!) who are over there at the moment. I am so envious that he went, and wish I could have gone too. But maybe I'll be able to afford it soon. Anyway, some of the impressions that I got from him about the States is: 1. The shop assistants are rude 2. The (orange) cheese is disgusting 3. Your radio stations rock 4. There are many wackos there. 5. And lots of homeless people 6. The Grand Canyon is awesome. 7. SF is cold and foggy in summer 8. Yosemite is beautiful. 9. The pond out the front of capital hill has filthy water. 10. The security is outta control. I think everyone should visit the States at least once, but that's probably as many times as you'd wanna go I reckon! Would still love to get there one day though. And hopefully get there while I can still visit my mates over there!

Friday, July 23, 2004

More Sister Art

Maybe I should start up a webpage just for her artwork, but I thought I'd show off another creation of my sisters work she's been playing with on the computer. I really like this one. The colours are great :)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

It was thissss big!

So, my 5 year old, Mikayla came out of the toilet yesterday, stands proudly and says; "Hey! I just did a really long poo!" We crack up laughing and then I say, "How big?" She holds her hands about a foot apart and says, "This big", as she slowly adjusts, moving her hands closer together to evenutally be about 10cm apart. "Wow", I say... ------------ Aaaah kids. An endless source of amusement :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

iWant iPod

The 4th Generation iPod has just been released. And it's $100(USD) cheaper than the 3G one. WOO HOOO!!!! That means that I am going to get one. Order it from the States. Get it sent to a friends place over there, and then he'll ship it to me. So maybe in about 3-4 weeks I will have one. I am soooo stoked. The New iPod is a little lighter. A little thinner. And uses the 'Click Wheel' which is on the mini model. It now also includes a USB 2.0 cable so they are actually thinking a bit more. Can't afford the 40Gb one still, but the 20Gb one should keep me going for a while. WOooooooOOOoOoO...Bring on the iPod! Oh yeah, and the reason I'm not getting it in Australia? 20Gb iPod from US = $299 = $408 Australian 20Gb iPod from Australia = $499. Not too hard to work out why!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Ren & Stimpy....back when it was good!

I was browsing through the sale table at Electronic Boutique today and I saw a DVD sticking out, called "The Ripping Friends". The cartoon drawings looked familiar. It was created by none other than John Kricfalusi (John K). This is the man that created "The Ren and Stimpy Show". This animated show pushed boundaries like never before for kids television. It was pre-South Park and was so 'out there' and twisted that many people got hooked. So I had to buy this DVD. It was 4 hours long and at 50% off, only cost me 20 bucks. Can't wait to check it out tonight. So this arvo, I started checking out the net for info on this cartoon. I'd never heard of it, and as it turns out, these 13 episodes were the only ones ever produced. What really got me excited while I was browsing was this. Ren and Stimpy are coming to DVD! With Commentaries and extras. BUT will they be the full uncensored versions? Back when John K was writing and making the Ren & Stimpy cartoons, Nickelodian started cutting and censoring the show to hell and this resulted in John K being fired and losing control of his characters. Who can forget the great episodes about Ren's beloved ice-cream bar, or Powdered Toast Man's heroic rescues and flying backwards. And of course there is the classic 'Happy Happy Joy Joy' Song! "The little critters of nature...they dont know that they're ugly. Thats very funny! A fly marrying a bumble bee! I told you I'd shoot, but you didn't believe me! WHY didn't you believe me?" 13 years later and he has control again, with new episodes of Ren & Stimpy appearing on American cable television. Wooo! With any luck, these episodes may appear on Foxtel or some satellite channel here in Australia soon!

Friday, July 16, 2004


I need some. I think this week has just worn me out and i have nothing to say, and nothing to tell any more. Maybe I just wore it all out the other day in my blogging frenzeeee. All I can see is bring on the weekend, and bring on some sleep....and some Footy. The Bledisloe Cup is on Saturday night which should be fun to watch. And there's also my beloved Eels vs the Cowboys on Fox at 9.20pm as well. A Footy feast!' Then I have 2 games of indoor soccer on Sunday which should give me my weekly bout of exercise. Not really enough exercise probably, but at least it keeps me feeling better than doing none at all! Maybe I should buy a bike and do some riding. I wouldn't midn going for an early morning ride. More so, than a run. That just hurts the knees. oooh..I just remembered. my new Couch (with chaise) and Bed arrive on Saturday! I'll be able to watch my footy feast whilst relaxing on my new macrosuede chocolate coloured 3 seater with chaise! That should be nice :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Big Brother Rigged?

The most definiteive site for all your Big Brother needs is Behind Big Brother. This site gives you some of the behind the scenes info and little tidbits that you won't see on the daily shows, or hear Gretel talking about. The big news they have on there att he moment is about the possibility that the show is being rigged by Ryan and his mates. Apparently the money from the sale of the mls. T-shirts that he is wearing in the house is going towards voting other people out. If this is true, it'll be a major disappointment if Ryan wins. But it's also pretty smart. Who cares if you spend a few thousands dollars on phone calls anyway. The winner gets 1 Million bucks. He can easily re-imburse them. I wonder if the producers and funders of the show have thought abot this. Are there many shows where a million dollars is decided by the votes from the public, who have the ability to sway the voting by sheer bulk of numbers? Stay tuned....

Post no. 100!!

Wow. 100 Posts. I didn't think I would ever make it this far. I am sure that most of those have never been read, but it's nice to know I've spilled my guts 100 times anyway :) Now...onto 101!!

Has this country gone topsy-turvey?

I'm on a blogging roll today. I heard Adam Spencer on JJJ talking about this this morning. A religious album is No.1 on the Australian charts. What the?? If that's not bad enough. The top 2 singles are from Australian Idol contestants. What is this country coming to??? And looking through the Top 50 singles...who the hell is Frankee? Simple Plan? J-Kwon? Mario Winans? I am so out of touch. Basically, if they don't play the song on Triple J (New website!) I might only catch it on Video Hits or Rage, and then it's just to laugh at the quality of music that people buy nowadays....Sad sad sad.. Please feel free to flame me :)

Elsewhere Today: Stop it or you'll go blind

Interesting article linked to at Elsewhere Today: Stop it or you'll go blind. Too many computer games and not enough sport leads to blurred vision! Time to start using those wireless keyboards further away from the monitor so you're not focussing on something close up! ;)

Smarty Sister..

My sister requested a guest appearance on my blog, so here we are Katie! She is doing Graphic Design at Uni, and has been playing around with different software to make animation, graphics and all that. I am damn impressed cause she definitely got the artistic genes in our family and can draw and design stuff that I would not even know how to imagine! She made up this pretty cool city landscape picture the other day. I thought I'd put it up here....

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I want...

So..I want an iPod. I have about 9Gb of MP3's at home, but still haven't copied all of my (350) CD's yet. I really want something that I can use to listen to my MP3's at work, in the car, or even through my stereo. iPod's are of course the best you can get, but they are also the most expensive. So, I've been searching around for the best alternative to an iPod. The only real options though are a Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, or a Dell Digital Jukebox. (See below) They are actually both based on the same hardware, but according to reviews, the Dell is actually a better player. Only problem? Dell don't sell them in Australia!! Bastards! So I have to try and find one from the US, or settle for the Creative one. Ebay has some, but I don't want a used or refurbished one. What the dooo...what to doooo

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Futurama Panoramas

If you're into Futurama, and if you're not, well you SHOULD be, check out the Futuama Panoramas that a guy made by splicing together shots from the DVD's. They are cool as.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Grumpy Pup

This is one grumpy pup. Cute though :)

This is just sad.

This guy is endeavouring to visit every Starbucks in the world. Pity 10.2 Starbucks are opened every week! He says he can't stop..."It's too rewarding an experience." Jeebus.

The Decider - Recap

WOOOOO! The Blues did on Wednesday night with an awesome win over those nasty Cane Toads. It was a great match to watch, even with a couple of interesting refereeing decisions. The Blues totally outplayed the Queenslanders so refereeing can't be considered a factor I don't think. However there were 2 refereeing (and touchie) decisions that could have made a difference. 1. In the 20th minute of the 1st half, Matt Sing was chasing down a grubber into the Blues ingoal. Anthony Minichello was running back, but instead of diving for the ball, he took out Matt Sing, basically preventing him from scoring. Queenslanders were baying for a penalty. But penalty tries are hard to come by. All New South Welshmen breathed a sigh of relief when just a penalty was blown. Mini should have been given 10 minutes in the bin, but maybe 'new boy' Simpkins was a bit too conservative. The Queenslanders scored from the ensuing set of 6, so the impact was not a big deal 2. Second half. I think the score was about 22 - 8 in favour of NSW. Queensland on the attack, and a wayward ball is bouncing towards the sideline. Rhys Wesser dives to keep it in, and bats it back to a teammate. The touchie calls it out, but his foot was inside the line when he hit it back. Could this have sparked a try to lead to a QLD revival? Dunno. Don't care! All in all, I think it was a good series. I was not happy with some of the team selections for the 3rd game. (Where was Gidley, Tahu and Ryan?) But they did the job and NSW now have more series wins than QLD for the first time ever! Now if only Parra could step up and power into the finals...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I am a pair gain victim.

So, after my initial excitement at the prospect of getting ADSL at my house, I received a letter from AAPT on Monday, stating that ADSL was not available on my line. If I had another line into my house, please feel free to try using that one. Yeah right. Bastards!! I know it's Telstra's fault. They are the ones who have been using Pair Gain lines into houses. This restricts those houses from getting ADSL. Sooo....I rang Telstra (at about 7pm), waiting 10 minutes from someone to talk to me, but then fortunately I got a lady from the Sales area who was happy to put in a Transposition order. This means that some Telstra techos will try and move my line onto a proper copper line suitable to support ADSL. However, she also informed me that it will take 10-12 weeks and there is only a 1 in 25 chance of success. Shit!! These Pair Gain woes are not just mine. Thousands of Aussies have had the same problem in trying to get ADSL. You only have to browse Whirlpool for a few minutes to find out how many people have had the same problem. So, my trek towards fast internet access has begun. I will let you know how I go when the next installment occurs!


Yessssss... How good is ALIEN vs. PREDATOR going to be? It comes out in August (in the US) and hopefully we'll get a release then as well. What can be better than seeing 2 aliens creatures beating the crap out of each other. Who will win? In theory, I think the Alien should be able to kick the Predators ass, but the Predator has better gizmos to play with. I like the movie slogan. "Whoever wins.... we lose" :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Let's get Trivial...

We had a dinner party on Saturday night. Not only did Wifey cook up an absolute ripper of a meal, we also played the new Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition after dinner. This version is supposed to just contain questions relating to the last 20 years. Which in my case covers the whole of my conscious life. (plus those first 7-8 'where am i' years) It was awesome fun to play, and the questions had a good mix of Aussie and international subjects. (except for some reason, America's Cup questions kept popping up) Trivial Pursuit is one of those games where, when you play it, you realise how much shit has happened in your life time, and even more so, how much shit you remember! As it turned out, I got stuck on the Brown (Written Word) Wedge and didn't get more than 4 wedges for the game. Of course I scream through the Orange (Game Time) and Pink (Sound & Screen) questions, but always fall over on the intellectual questions. Typical ;)

Las Vegas...

What is it about Las Vegas that excites me? Firstly, one of my best friends has just gone on a trip to the US, and is taking in San Francisco, Washington, New York and of course) Las Vegas. He is staying 4 nights in Las Vegas and he has said it is going to be the highlight of his trip. Secondly, I watched the final episodes of the season of the show, "Las Vegas" last night. It is a shit hot show, and it shows off the city in a very glamourous light. Yeah, I am sure Las Vegas can be very seedy, and very nasty at times, but it's the lights, the action, the people and the money that makes it look exciting to me. I mean, I just can't wait till the day I can go walking down the strip and just find one of those "Win a Million Dollars" machines and give it a whirl. I wanna go and see Wayne Newton. I wanna go and watch the high rollers. I wanna go and see the giant pyramid, and the lions, and the roller coasters.. But for now, I guess I'll just have to settle for stories of people who have been....

Monday, July 05, 2004

The Pox! Run away!!

My poor daughter. Mikayla. She's 5. In Kindergarten. Today is the first day of school holidays. She came into our bedroom this morning and said she doesn't feel too good. Straight away, we knew why. Red dots on her face. She lifted her top. Red dots on her back and front. She has Chicken Pox! Poor thing. So, 2 weeks off, and 2 weeks of her being in the house driving us mental. But wait...there's still 2 more kids who have to get it yet....

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Aaah Foxtel

Having recently re-acquired Foxtel at my new house, it's been a joy to revist those TV shows that I watched as a kid. How many of these shows do you have fond memories of? The A-Team - Gotta love the theme song, and Mr. T rocks Knight Rider - A Talking car. They were so far ahead of their time.. Gilligans Island - Build a boat , you idiots! Wacky Races - I loved this! Muttley rocks. The Cosby Show - Very ethical, but it takes me back The Jetsons - Aaah..Mr. Spacely, how did you start up a company. Mr. Ed - Wilbbbbburrrrrrrr! The best part is, I can expose my children to these classic shows too. I don't see why years of TV making should go to waste just because it is no longer current! Bill Cosby's sweaters will live on!

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