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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

New Specs...

I broke my glasses about 6 weeks ago, and since then I have been wearing contacts every day all the time. My eyes haven't been appreciating it, and it's a pain in the arse not being able to take them out. Anyway, yesterday i finally got some new glasses. They are sorta stylish ones compared to my old ones, but I just discovered a problem. They are thinner than my old ones, and I find that now when I need to glance down at the keyboard whilst typing, I actually have to move my head down instead of just glancing down with my eyes. Whatta bugger! I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it is something that feels a little weird at the moment. The glasses I got are those 'convertible' ones where you pop on the sunglass bit on the front with magnets. (No..not the dorky looking ones that clip on!) At least my eyes get a break from contacts now..

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Aaah Wimbledon...

I love Wimbledon. There's something about 'The Championships' that really stand out for me. I think it is the whole ocassion of it. The whole atmosphere that comes along with it. I have so many great memories of staying up late in School Holidays whilst listening to Newk and Rochey commentate on the various Aussies and their tout at the biggest prize in tennis. I remember the Cashy Days, the Masur days, The Rafter Days and now the Poo and Hewitt days. I love riding that emotional wave of a match with the players, crowd and commentators (just a little biased!) Normally I am not that fussed about tennis. I rarely care about the other grand slams, although the Aussie Open is excellent to watch too. One day I will get to Wimbledon's centre court, but that will also be when I get to Lords to watch an Ashes match, Anfield to watch a Liverpool match, and Monaco to watch the Grand Prix! Anyway, Go Lleyton Hewitt. You can beat that Swiss, headband wearing punce! Bring on the final where I can stay up till 4am cheering you on!

Ugly Duckling Tix

So I got on Triple J this morning, trying to get a ticket from a guy, Steve, who couldn't use it. The whole idea was, the caller, had to pretend to be Steve to get the ticket. Adam & Wil were 'auditioning' each caller. Unfortunately my choice of last movie seen was not what Steve liked so I got chucked. It doesn't change the fact that I WANT TO GO TO UGLY DUCKLING tomorrow night. Anyone wanna go?

Monday, June 28, 2004

Eels/Wallabies/Swans. 2 outta 3 is ok.

Saturday night was a sports lovers delight. You had the big test, Wallabies v England. You had Parramatta v Penrith (on Fox that I now have. Woo Hoo) You had the Swans v Collingwood. So, all three major football codes were represented. Ok, so the Parra v Panthers game may not have been too big a deal, but it's my team in a local derby, so I was excited. As it turned out, i got 2 out of 3 of the teams I was going for through, but the one I really wanted, The Eels, went down in a plucky display against the reigning premiers. The Wallabies easily disposed of a desolute and at times pathetic England side (int he 2nd half at least), whilst in the probably the most exciting of the 3 games, the Swans Michael O'Loughlin kicked 2 goals in near the end of the final quarter to help his team edge past the Pies. But my point is. There is nothing better than having 3 big games of Footy on one cold winters night. Just wish that my damn Eels would have won!!

The House needs warming.

I went to my sisters place for a house warming on Saturday night. Can you believe that she invited over 100 people?? It was an all aftenroon, into evening event, so there probably wasn't any more than 50 people there at once, but with those sorts of numbers, you're more than likely to have your house ruined before the nights out! I am holding off with my housewarming until the weather warms up a little. I think cramming everyone inside on a cold night is not the best thing. Call me picky, but I'd rather my carpet wasn't stained from red wine just yet :)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Joey stays!

Andrew Johns is staying with Rugby League! But gee's, it looked like it was a close thing. Weeks of speculation has ended, and he has resigned for 2 years with his beloved Newcastle Knights. Now, anyone that watched the Footy Show last night would have seen him talking to Fatty, Sterlo and the boys, where he wouldn't reveal what he was doing. All he would say is that there were challenges either way and he hadn't yet decided. But it was an emotional interview. I could see tears welling up in his brother Matthew's eyes, and Paul 'Chief' Harrogan, who wears his heart on his sleeve was also quite emotional at the thought of losing one of the worlds best ever Rugby League players to Union. I was almost convinced by the end of the interview that Johns was going to Union. The way his eyes were lowered. His responses. I thought, "Shit...he's defecting!" But he's staying in the real game. The working class game. The only game. Good on him. Here's to at least another 2 years of watching a master at work.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Raise this up your flag pole....

Ok, I haven't said much about Little Johnny lately, but I think I have to comment on this stupid flag-raising thing. In case you haven't heard. John would like all schools to have a working flagpole, and to have a flag-raising ceremony. He also supports singing the national anthem every day at school. Now I'm as patriotic as the next person. I cheer on the Aussies in anything we do and think we live in a fantastic country. But....come on. You want 5-17 year olds to all huddle on the quad every morning and watch the flag go up a pole? For what? Next he'll get Australia to have a 'pledge of allegiance' and get kids to read it out every morning. I am soooo looking forward to the day (coming soon I hope) when we have a Prime Minister that is actually living in this century and not in some previous incarnation of history.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Rego Revenue Raisers

I just read today that there was a proposal by the ACT government to bring in a system where if you don't register your car when it's due and then register it a week, month or up to a year later, you have to backpay the rego to when it first expired. WHAT THE? Bloody revenue raising bastards here just want to suck more money from us. It's not bad enough that they have almost doubled car registrations in the last 6-7 years. Now they just look for more ways that they can screw even more money out of us. I remember a few years back when I went to transfer the rego on my car i bought off a friend. Because I didn't do it within 14 days, I was slugged with a $100+ fine on top of the transfer fee. Fortunately in this case, it appears the proposal was quashed and will not be brought in. I guess that means they'll just raise rego costs again instead.....


I hit my first Roo yesterday. And yes, I hit it with my Speedwagon. I was cruising at 80k down Narrabundah Lane, at around 5.30. Now, this road is notorious for kangaroos and there are countless stories of smashed cars from my workplace. There are usually always 1 or 2 dead roos on the side of the road each week. I saw him about 2 seconds before I hit him. He was on the left hand side of the road. Suddenly he was spooked and jumped....right into the path of my car. One more hop and he was nearly across, but I caught him 'pre-bounce' with my right hand headlight. *BOOF* (The sound of metal on Kangaroo meat) The roo bounced off somewhere and I pulled over. Couldn't see the Roo anywhere, but checked out the damage to my new purchase. Fortunately there is just a cracked headlight protector and one the other headlights is a little wobbly. So off I went, probably leaving a crippled Roo somewhere to die.. But hey...there's too many of them anyway..

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Homer me.

I just bought the coolest little Simpsons 'Big Head' dolls down at Big W. They were only 10 bucks each, so I got a Homer (for my car), a Lisa (for Mikayla) and a Bart (for Ewan). I figure I can get Aidan and Fiona the other ones later :)
I also got Simpsons Uno. I went SIMPSONS mad! :)

Friday, June 18, 2004

LCD monitors

My boss is away today so I am going Blog crazy.. But anyway, I wanted to talk about Monitors. LCD Monitors. I bought one 2 weeks ago, along with lots of new Computer bits. I am now in the new ages and have a Pentium 4. Woo Hoo! But I digress, I got a 17" LCD monitor along with my other goodies. It was a no-name branded one, but the price was good and the one on display looked snazzy. They actually gave me the one on display (they had apparently only just taken it out of the box that morning), and I took my pile of goodies home. I installed the bits into my new case, hooked up all the wires and fired it up. Woo hoo...go go go.......oohhh SHIT...WHAT'S THAT? Right there, about 5 centimetres in from the top left corner, i see this big fat fucking green pixel BLOWN. "SHIT! I didn't see that in the shop!" Nothing I can do to fix it, and I had just turned it on, so I packed it back up and took it back to the place of purchase. They said they were not sure if the company would give me a new one because there is a '3 pixel' clause in the warranty. You have to lose 3 before you get a new monitor. Fuck that, I say. I just bought it. It should have NO pixels out. So anyway, it's gone back and I wait with anticipation to see what will happen. Stay tuned :) Anyone else have LCD grief?


So...who wants a Google Mail account? (Gmail). First 3 people to get back to me can have one... If you haven't heard of it, it's Google new attempt at a free Webmail service. And they give you 1Gb, Yes, 1000Mb of mail space. Enjoy :)

Annoying People: Mechanics.

Ok, so i got my new car nearly 2 weeks ago now. Here in the ACT you have to get your car over the pits (have a registration check) before you can transfer the registration to your name. Also, if you don't transfer it within 2 weeks of buying it you pay a fine to the government, plus you have to pay stamp duty when transferring it. Anyway, I went and got some brake problems fixed on it last week, and afterwards the mechanic guy says, "The handbrake comes up a bit far, but it works fine......Gimme 350 bucks." So, I did, and off I went. Sure, the handbrake came up far, but at least my car didn't roll back into the house across the street overnight! So, I went to this dodgy tyre service place in Belconnen on Wednesday morning cause I saw a 'Registration Check Done Here' sign out front. I left the car with them and went and wandered around Belconnen Mall for an hour. There's always that feeling of dread I get, just before they look at the inspection report and I wonder how many things they have found wrong with my car. So I held my breath.... "Your handbrake travels too high and your right hand rear licence plate light is out." "That's it?" "Yeah." "But I just got my brakes fixed. That's how they left the handbrake" "Well, it comes up too far" "But they work" "Doesn't matter" How freaking annoying is that. So, stupid me had gone to a brake place in Woden, so I had to go there, wait around for 90 minutes while they fart-arsed around trying to fix the handbrake so it wouldn't come up so far, and then I had to go back to Belconnen this morning to finally get the Inspection Report completed. Oh yeah, and I got a new globe for my right hand rear licence plate light. The dodgy tyre service place charged me $11 for someone to pull up the handbrake and look at the light. This is after charging me $30 for the initial inspection. I thought they did it for nothing after the initial check.... But now, I have a completed Inspection and just have to fork over cash to the government for them to transfer my name onto the Registration.. Glad I don't buy cars every day, it's a pain in the rear.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Tuesday Box Review

I didn't actually watch it, but having seen snippets of Merlin's protest on Big Brother the other night, I have been impressed at the coverage it's been getting. Channel Ten is probably rubbing its hands a the publicity, and Merlin is actually auctioning off the sign he showed to donate the money. I commend him on the balls to do the protest, but to just sit there on stage with tape on your mouth and not talk seemed to be a bit extreme to me. He made his point, so he should have just got on with it and did the interview. Anyway, it's seemed to liven things up a bit in a house that has not really had that much excitement.. On another TV note (of which I really don't watch that much of!), how good is that show, 'Las Vegas'? It has to be the best new show on TV this year. It's at least a twist from yet another CSI or Law and Order, and it keeps a good sense of humour and true Vegas entertainment about it. Ok, ok, and I enjoy watching the girls on it :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Speedwagon

So..I bought a new car on Monday. Well, not new new, but new for me. It's an '86 Nissan Skyline, and for $1800 it's one kick ass car. It is a 6 cylinder 3.0 litre and it has 20 times more guts than my old little '81 Corolla. Now I can actually get up Mugga Mugga Hill at 80 kph! This is what it looks like, sort of, but mine is a wagon: I got the lady down 200 bucks as well from her advertised 2 grand price. Pity today it is getting the brake calipers fixed at a cost of $218! But I still figure it's a good buy with still 7 months of rego on it. The lady who sold it to me was quite sad to see it go. She was the only owner of it, so has had it for 18 years. She said she's always had it serviced, and you can tell. The engine is quiet and smooth and seems to have been looked after. Here's hoping it works out well, and doesn't die in the arse on it's way out to Symonston one day....

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


We've been going crazy! Everything is new new new. Since we bought the house and had a bit of money left over, (Well more than a bit. We probably went a little extravagant) we have been buying like crazy. We'll have to settle down soon and get back to the reality of the monthly grind. But having new appliances and electrical stuff has been sooo nice. We even got this egg cooker Eggo thing. Fee said she had to have it so her eggs would be perfectly boiled and poached. Hahaha The best has been the home theatre system though. Surround sound is sooooo good. In our smallish lounge room the sound just envelopes around you. Best with things like Gladiator, and Matrix though. Some of those fighting scenes have noise everywhere. Very cool..

Sunday, June 06, 2004

My sister rocks.

My sister lives and goes to uni in Bendigo. She is cool, and so much like myself it's cool... Check out this email she sent me late last week. --------------------- WOa dude, I just had a brain exposion, you know that 2000 word essay, well i totally couldn't get my head around some of the info that i had to write about....and i just had a freak out attack.. did that happen to you when you were in uni... were there things that you just couldn't for the life of you understand?? I feel so stoopid that i cant 'get' things, like what people are trying to do or explain... And for some reason i hate talking to mum about it... i dunno why she just does this thing that annoys me... its like her aura or something... or maybe its just me... and then i try to tell sam this... and he's just mr genius so i feel even more stoopid talking to him... and then i think about you... cos i figure that you and me are almost the same... besides the whole boob and willy thing. Man... stress can really do crazy things to you i've realised You know i think i'm gonna just blog to you every now and then... i like reading your blog so maybe you'll like reading mine... :o) peace out home boy p.s. I'm at uni atm, god fast internet is so awesome. ----------------------- She sorted it out, and got an extension from the teacher, but I know exactly how she feels. It happens to me at work, where things just seem to big and too hard. It usually happens when i've had 3 hours sleep ;)

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