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Monday, May 31, 2004

Speak your mind...

We just had our team meeting at 9.30. Every Monday now, the team (usually 7-10 of us) get together and discuss how the project is going. How far behind we are. Whether we have entered our timesheets properly, and who's turn it is to get plummelled with work this week. And there's the schoolteacher. This man is the Project Manager and one annoying prick. He loves to tell us exactly how to do things and will go on about the timesheets, entering valid time estimates. blah blah. We have a new guy. He comes from the UK and has only been in Australia about 6 weeks. Now this guy doesn't pull punches. He will tell you exactly that your head looks like a punch-drunk monkey. And I respect him for that. So in the meeting, it was his turn to be plummelled. Now remember, these meetings start at 9.30am on a Monday. NOT the best time to all sit down and discuss the preceding and forthcoming week as most of us are still waking up and not even wanting to think about the upcoming 5 days of crap. Anyway, he is telling Mr Project Manager that he has no idea what he did last week, just that it didn't seem like he did anything. All the work he does just doesn't seem to get him anywhere. I know the feeling. Basically, the Project Manager tells him that he needs to know what to work on and focus on and to actually fill out estimate to completes and blah blah. Pommy guy continues to tell him that unless something is removed from his plate, none of the work will get done that needs to get done. At 10.30am one of my workmates decided that that's enough and it's time to get back to work. Fortunately that meant that we all had the opportunity to get our asses our of there while Pommy guy and Mr. PM duked it out behind us. Monday mornings suck at the best of times, but no-one needs that shit.

Damn! It's Cold!

Ok, I know winter starts tomorrow, but today? Brrrrrrr... There I was inside my ducted heated gas at 20 degrees, but you only had to look outside and the fog, icy, cold grey weather to think. Shit...I don't wanna go out there.. And true enough, it was freezing, and true enough I got in my cold hopelessly heated Corolla, and then true enough it was only running on 3 cylinders for the first half of the trip to work and true enough I had to get out of the now half decently warmed car, into the freezing sleety cold morning and get under the bonnet and fiddle with the distributor. I then got back into my car which now felt like heaven compared the cold outside and off i went again on all 4 cylinders. Of course, I forgot my jacket too (which I thought I had left at work.) And then I look at my email and 3 people have called in sick. Duhh..I wonder why! At least my car started I suppose...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mate against mate...

Is there anything better in the Sporting calendar every year than State of Origin Football? It is the highlight of the Australian sporting season for me, and tonight, it begins! NSW v QLD in Sydney. I will be enjoying some beverages and pizza at a mates place as we watch the Blues shit all over the cane toads from up north. Oh yes, the NSW team has had its share of controversy over the last week or 2, but that will just make us hungrier! I love the fact that State of Origin is bigger than any Rugby League international. It just brings out the best in all players. AND the fans..... Bloody Queenslanders. You will fry until your eyeballs burn out of your head...

Monday, May 24, 2004


So..we've moved to Dunlop. Yay. I finally got the PC setup. Ran my phone cable from the kitchen through to the Dining Room. Dialed up. Connected. 28.8k. WHAT? bloody hell. Are we living in the dark ages here? Tried it again. Still. 28.8k. Now, I can't say i am surprised. I had heard rumours that the internet speeds in Dunlop were bad, but I was just hoping it was just them..and not me! So...ok...maybe I should get Broadband. I can scrape up the smackeroos to pay for the cheapy plan, and then when I go over my limit, it'll just slow down to 56k. At least it's better than 28! But I might have problems there as well because apparently there are limited lines and 'paired' lines into Dunlop, so I may not be so lucky to get Broadband, although I know that there are people who do have it there. The battle with Telstra begins....

Friday, May 21, 2004

Bloody Banks!

So, we've moved! BUT...we haven't settled. Why? Because the stupid bank LOST our mortgage papers!! I mean, seriously. This isn't a freaking birthday card, it's mortgage documents for a quarter of a million dollar loan!! Luckily we can still move in, and have done, but it's a pain in the arse, cause we are needing the settlement money to pay for things... But the new house is great! can't complain about that. After we took all of the shit we had from the old house and chucked away trailer loads, we still have boxes full of shit in the new place!! Never-ending crap! Anyway..I'll give an update when we can actually walk through the house without kicking a box!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


It's been a few days, but I'll tell ya where I've been. Sunday evening, I went to Sydney to see The Lion King Musical. And goddamn, it was great! I bought the hotel and show package for Fee's 30th, and I thought I'd tag along. Now, the Lion King is a great movie, but of course, having kids, I have seen it about a million times. I was hoping that the theatre production would not be just a complete copy of the movie, and I was happy to see that there were plenty of new songs and music. The music was mostly inspiried by South African sounds and with lots of the lyrics in Zulu it gave off an awesome atmosphere. On either side of the stage there were drummers who had a whole barrage of bongos, tom toms and timpani type skins that really sounded awesome when they were going for it. But the most breath-taking part was when I was watching the stage, about 7 rows from the front, on the aisle and suddenly I turn around and there is an enormouse Elephant lumbering down the aidle towards me. Holy crap it looked cool. The Capitol Theatre in Sydney is not a huge venue so you felt like you were really close to the action, and especially when the ensemble were right next to you swinging birds around. Overall, it was a fantastic show. It went for just over 2hrs 45 mins with a 15 minute interval, so you definitely get your moneys worth! Worth every sent!

Thursday, May 13, 2004


A Mexican TV network has broadcast footage of strange lights filmed by air force pilots. Looks like those pesky aliens have come to check up on us! | UFOs filmed over Mexico (May 12, 2004)

Aaaah. The Cure.

On a happier note! I saw their farewell tour of Australia, and I have (nearly) all their albums, and they are back! The Cure Return With New Album. It's the best news I have heard all week! Apparently this album, their 13th, will be heavier than their old stuff, and that sounds like it'll be better than the doom and gloom that is surrounding us now-a-days. Can't wait till June to hear it!


People getting beheaded on the internet? Shit. That's scary shit. Anyoen can access the internet. I mean, it's not likely anyone would come across this video. I sure as hell won't be looking for it. But the potential is there. The front page of The Daily Telegraph today is bad enough. The image of the guy behind the American, pulling out a knife. It sends shivers down my spine... But it's only going to get worse... Bottom Line? Get out. Australians? Get out. There is not going to be a happy Iraq ANY time soon. ..

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Me.. Sleep...Need...Now

I took a day off yesterday. Basically, I just needed it. But all I ended up doing at home was pack my CD's and laze around. And then I got no sleep, so I feel ratshit this morning. It didn't help that I was indoor cricket umpiring at 11:15 because the slow ass teams were fart-assing around. So, there's this top team in A grade, who usually beats everyone. They batted first and got only 48 from their first 2 batting pairs. You could tell they were starting to get edgy. In the end they still got 108, but I thought the other team had a chance for a shock upset. But no... First over? -15. There's an uphill battle! From then on it was a game of hit and giggle as both teams never really took it very serious and the first team ran away with it. But the bastards are always slow. Whether they huddle between overs, or they toss the ball around like idiots, they take forever to do anything, and here I am, up in the umpires chair, about to fall asleep. So, screw you if I miss a wide call. I don't care if he was out. I say he was in! That's what you get you cock-jockeys... Have a nice day :)

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Mick's Mad Mothers Day

One crazy day! I worked. I drank. I went to the footy, and I played soccer. Oh yeah..and I rang my mum. It doesn't get much more hectic than today though! Fortunately my good wife is not a huge fan of these such events, so she didn't mind me going to work, or going to the football. She does a great job with the kids though and for that, I thank her infinitely. Mikayla attempted to help make her brekkie this morning. She was good at smashing the egg on the side of the bowl, and then pushing her fingers into it to make the egg explode. After we dug out all the shell bits she whipped them all up. After we wiped down the kitchen benches of egg, she poured them into the fry pan. After cleaning up the stove of egg, we managed to get those eggs cooked! I think her mum appreciated them :)

Friday, May 07, 2004

Wanna be a bug?

I am a bug. I poop, I eat, I fornicate. Here I am: Breedster - faq: " My Breedster profile Wanna be my child? Let me know in the comments bit... :)

Thursday, May 06, 2004


I know I am not alone in complaining about the rollout schedule of TransACT. Living in Melba, I was told over and over, "Your suburb will be cabled at the end of this year.." That was 2 years ago, and still nothing. I am now moving to Dunlop where TransACT is not even close to being installed, and on top of that I may not be able to get Broadband either, and on top of that Dialup speeds are at around 33k! It's a joke really. Either TransACT should pick up their game and hurry up the cabling, or give it up completely. Having a nice day?

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Let's talk about the weather...

Ok, if all of Canberra's winter could be like the last couple of days, I'd be very happy. The thing is, I know that very soon it is going to get colder....and colder, until your little toes curl up at the end of the bed at the very breath of fresh air. Fortunately I will be moving into a house with DUCTED HEATING in a few weeks, and that will be a revolution! I am sure the heating bills will go up, but I can't wait to know what it's like to wake up and not see your breath.. Autumn in Canberra is nice though. 17-18 degrees, morning frost then fine blue skies. But as the weeks go by, it's the 15...12 to 7 that I don't like!! Roll on Spring!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Pac Manhattan

Freaky. Real-Life Pacman Pac Manhattan Nerds perhaps?

BB's back!

It's back! Yes, Big Brother is back and I have to admit that I am a tragic. It's the one Reality show that seems to hook me every year. I think it's the fact that out of all reality shows, Big Brother is only really real one. You get to see the people living their day to day lives, and over time you really get to see how they interact, deal with situations and what makes them tick. People have to be themselves in the house because you can't be someone else for 3 months. And as we have seen in previous season, the cream always rises to the top and we end up with the people who have the most integrity and nicest personalities. (eg. Ben & Blair, Chrissy and Reggie) One thing I like about this season is that there are 2 parents in the house. They both have 2 kids. I never thought they'd put a parent into the house because of the chance of being away for 3 months. It'll be hard on them, and they will miss their kids, but I'm glad they did it. To keep up with all the goss and get recaps and news, join theBB-Australia Yahoo Group.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Coolest Flash Drive conversion EVA!

Upgrade-A-Duck Just what I've always wanted! A rubber duckie flash drive!! Just stick the cable up its butt and you're off... Wonder if it quacks when it's full....


Ok. I like Michael Jackson's music. Always have. The first album I ever really loved was Thriller and then when Bad came out I was hooked. Even now I love grooving to his music. But yes, he is a freak. A scary freak at times if you look at this picture. I do also believe that most of the shit that he gets is unwarranted. It'll be interesting to see what happens in his trial. I personally think that he will not be convicted, but yes, some weird shit has gone onw ith him and kids. I refuse to believe that he is a kiddy fiddler in the traditional sense. But he has probably had kids in situations that were not what you and I would call 'proper'. Anyway, until the media craze finishes and he goes back into hiding, I'll just groove along to "Do ya wanna be startin' Something'....

Weekend Warp (sic)

2 Day in a weekend right? They just went *POOF* this week. And what did I do? Nuthin. Zip. Zero. 3 weeks out from moving house and I should have been packing, cleaning things out, getting prepared! But instead I played Playstation with the kids and watched TV. And before I knew it, the days were gone. Ok, we did do a bit of furniture shopping on Saturday. But after looking through Harvey Norman, Domayne, Freedom and Oz Design we still didn't have a lounge picked out. We want to get something with either a chaise or a large ottoman for under 2 grand. You'd that that wouldn't be too hard right? But that's the problem, it's either too hard or too soft!! I want a softer couch, cause I think the one we have now is too hard and not comfortable enough. Fee wants a hard one because she says the softer ones hurt her back. Dunno how we are going to pick one..... Oh well. 18 days left till Dunlop and I have about 10 boxes packed. SHIT!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Bloody footy.

Why do I bother?? The Eels play a team that has won game all season. I presume it'll be an easy victory. NEVER ASSUME!! The Eels went down...and now I am sad. My mood always goes down when my team loses. I guess it's all part of being a fan, so WHY CAN'T they just WIN EVERY GAME!! *sigh* There's ALWAYS next week, but fuck it why couldn't they win THIS WEEK. Grrrrrrr....

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