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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Say NO to Mister Spam

"Just last year, I used to sift through dozens of spams a day, but now I don't have any!" "My email is now spam-free, thanks to Spambayes!" "Spam? What's that? Go and ask someone who cares!"

These are the responses you might get if you asked people about spam who use SpamBayes - Bayesian Spam Filter. I discovered it around 6 months ago and it had to main attractions: 1) It was developed by Australians 2) It works in Microsoft Outlook as a plugin Download it, install it and it is so damn easy and effective, you'll never look back! "Deliver your ham to your inbox and move that Spam to the shitheap!" But wait...there's more! SpamBayes actually learns as it goes. You can train it from the start to learn what is ham, and what is spam. That way, you will have less false negatives and more true positives! How much would you expect to pay for something that fights, blocks, slices and dices? "Nothing! That's right. You pay absolutely bugger all for some of the finest coded software you will ever see!" Try SpamBayes today, and tell em Bubba sent you... This Blog entry has no affiliation with SpamBayes or their subsiduaries, but dammit if I don't just love their product!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Ok, so usually I get up around 7.30 or so and try to get to work by around 8.30 or 8.45. The last week I have been staying up late and getting really tired though, so this morning I awoke to see the clock saying 7:55. "Ack...I'd better get up" I shut my eyes. I opened my eyes. "8:15! Oh crap!!". So 2 minutes later I actually get up, jump in the shower, brush my teeth, kiss the kids and get in the car. "8:35! Not bad. I won't be too late." So I'm driving along, past Glenloch Interchange. Past Black Mountain. Past Commonwealth Avenus. Past..... "OH SHIT!!!. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCKEDY SHIT!!" I had forgotten to wish my wife a happy 30th birthday!! "SHIT!!". How much of a bastard am I! 30 years. It's a big one too. Sure, we had the party on Monday and she has gotten some presents, and she always says, "It's just another day.." I got to work, and rang her... "Umm..hi...Happy Birthday hon!" "uh huh.." uh oh.. "Ummm..sorry I didn't say it this morning...i was just running late.." "uh huh..." Oh fuck...She's pissed "So...umm..wanna have lunch or something?" "Not really..." "....." "Mum and Grandma are coming over.." Phew...that'll cover me for a bit "Ok..I'll try and get home early.." "Ok...whatever.." "Ok...have a great day sweetie....Bye!" "Bye.." wasn't too bad. I'll just have to get home early with some flowers and wine, and maybe I can resurrect my life... I did that. She is slowly coming around :) Went to Sizzler for dinner. Thay place isn't bad and it was dead quiet. Bit exxy thouh, so you have to eat till you burst to get your moneys worth. Gotta love that cheese toast though.. So, anyway. Guys! Don't forget your partners birthdays. It's really not too good for the relationship. I guess after 6 years though that Fee is used to my forgetfulness....but still, better keep up the nice nice!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Oh yeah..and the weekend..

It was ok. I mean. it was busy and I got sleeps of 5, 8 and 4 hours on the respective nights. I feel so shagged right now and work is kicking my arse, and the house needs packing, and I'm hungry, and I am negotiating with banks (shudder) and...and....and. But..hey...I sold my house, so I should be smiling. I just wish i were somewhere else today... It's a bit sad also that I didn't really have time to, or get around to reflecting on Anzac Day. I will have to take my kids out to the war memorial one time so they can learn about it... At least Mikayla is back to school today so Fiona probably won't self-destruct from craziness just yet. Maybe after 3 though.. Roll on May 21st.....

Computers suck...

So my XP machine at home decides to throw me stupid Registry errors all the time when I log in. I have re-installed XP on that machine so many times I have lost track, but I haven't done a totally 'clean' install. So that's what I did on the weekend. I now have a dual-boot XP PC with one old crappy version and one new 'fresh' version. Except that the new fresh version still gets crappy errors so it's as useful as tits on a bull cause the Internet won't even work properly.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Sometimes I wish I knew nothing about computers so I could just play dumb and get someone to fix it, but no...NO..I could never pay someone or even ask someone else to fix it for me cause that's just stupid... Maybe I should just buy a Dell..

Friday, April 23, 2004

I give you this contract....

Woo Hoo! We've exchanged contracts on our house and we can finally breathe easier. Although it took only around 10 weeks from listing (by myself initially) to selling (through an agent), it has been a harrowing 2 and a half months! I am so glad that it's confirmed now and we can get on with the business of packing and moving! We we will be in the new house on the 21st of May. I am actually looking forward to packing. We've been in our current house for 6 1/2 yrs, so it'll be nice to go through all the shit and get rid of what we don't need... Phew!! So happy :):)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Idle Idol.

I was thinking about it. I practiced in the car. I sang in the shower. I had my song ready. I didn't go. The Australian Idol auditions are on right now. I don't profess to be a masterful singer, but it would have been a fun experience to have a shot. Oh well. Guess I'd better do work instead...

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Canberra Marathon 2005?

My Brother-in-law, Stu, went in the Canberra Marathon on Sunday, and I was there to cheer him on at the end with Ewan and Mikayla beside me. He has been training for it for the last few months, but the fact that he actually went in it, and finished it is quite a big accomplishment. 4 hours of running around is not really my idea of fun on a stick, but I think it's something that I'd like to do at least once in my life. I've told him that if he does it again, I will join him in it and see how we go. 42km is a long freaking way. The winner did it in 2hrs 15mins which is pretty amazing. Stu did it in 4hr 16 mins, but I don't think time really matters in this case. Just to finish is pretty sweet. Hmmm...better stop eating all that Kingsleys....

Luke....I am your father.

The defining trilogy of my generation is finally coming to DVD. It's hard to describe how much Star Wars was a part of my life as I grew up. Being born in 1976, I was only 1 year old when Star Wars was released, and only 4 when Empire came out, but I still have vivid memories of seeing both movies for the first time and then seeing Return of the Jedi on the big screen for my grandparents anniversary! Sure, there have been many movies that have better acting, better stories and better effects than the Stars Wars Trilogy, but for some reason, it just holds a reverence over everything for me. The ultimate entertainment and movies that we can watch over and over. Most people would have lost track of the number of times we've watched them.. I was 7 when I saw Jedi. My eldest child is 5. I might have to get her to watch the Trilogy when I get the DVD's! But I was always freaked out by the bar in Star Wars and then the Emperor in Jedi. Mind you, I was a big movie wussy when I was a kid...

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Subservient Chicken

This site, Subservient Chicken, is just weird. I mean..who comes up with this stuff? It would be funnier if it were really real and there was a guy in a chicken suit just waiting for commands from losers like me :)

Aussie League Team

Australia play New Zealand this Friday night in the annual ANZAC weekend clash. As always, the team for this match is looking dodgy as. Most of the reason for this is injury, but also, some of the players that have been picked just don't seem to be world-class to me. Here's the team, and my comments: Anthony Minichiello (Sydney Roosters) - Solid Fullback, but does have a tendency to have bad games. Timana Tahu (Newcastle) - A good pick! Glad that he can partner Gidley in the best centre/wing combo there is Matt Gidley (Newcastle) - Best Center in the world, (now that Lyon has stopped playing) and will be powerful Brent Tate (Brisbane) - Only in the team because Lyon isn't. I hope he performs, but I have my doubts. Michael De Vere (Brisbane) - Only in the team for his goal-kicking, and because Bennett is coach. Not happy. Darren Lockyer (capt, Brisbane) - First time at 5/8th for Australia. HUGE test for him. But can't knock him as a great player. Craig Gower (Penrith) - So glad he got in ahead of Kimmorley. But not sure how he'll combine with Lockyer. Look for great individual performance. Shaun Timmins (St George-Illawarra) - Bit sad that Timmins is the best Lock we have running around.. Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta) - Probably lucky to be selected, but for me he would have been in the first 3 picked. In sensation form. Steve Price (Bulldogs) - replaces Civoniciva. Very solid player. Good pick. Joel Clinton (Penrith) - Good young forward with a lot to prove. Hope his defence holds up against the big Kiwis Danny Buderus (Newcastle) - First picked. Best hooker in the world. Will rip them apart at the ruck. Shane Webcke (Brisbane) - Veteran Prop who usually has big rep games. Pity he whinges too much Interchange: Shaun Berrigan (Brisbane) - This is just ridiculous. Only in the team because of Bennett, and hopefully out just as quick. Smash him Kiwis Michael Crocker (Sydney Roosters) - Another interesting pick, but did tour with the Kangaroos last year. But he won't do much Trent Waterhouse (Penrith) - Look for him to replace Webcke and have a blinder. Being, he'll be blind and drop lots of ball Luke Bailey (St George Illawarra) - Young, but experienced. He'll have to go head high to bring down some Kiwis. He'll get 4 weeks. ----------------------- There we go. We'll still win 48-0 with any team, but I just don't know what they are thinking sometimes, those selectors.

Me Geek?

Yahoo chatting is good. I really enjoy just hanging out and chatting on there to relieve boredom and to meet people, but I sense that Fiona (my wife) is not all together happy that I can freely chat to people online and she feels that I should be 'chatting' more to her. Hmmm...she may have a point here. But let me explain. I don't think that communication with Fee suffers because I chat online. The stuff I chat online about is usually the same sort of stuff I chat to Fee about, but it's just to someone else with a different point of view. Maybe she feels jealous that I have these people I can talk to that aren't her? Maybe I need to show her how Yahoo chatting works and she'd feel more comfortable with it? She uses the net, but not as much as me and never uses an Instant Messenger. I've always found Messenger and before that ICQ to be a release. A great way to have conversations with others without leaving the comfort of my lounge room. And because the time I am usually online is night time, and with my kids it's hard to go out much, the net is a good medium to be social without actually going out. Having said all this, there are times when I really do need to get off the computer, sit on the couch and just spend quality time with Fee. I recognise this, but sometimes I may not do it as much as I should. You'd think that after I've been on a PC all day at work that I wouldn't do it at night as well. I guess that just makes me some sort of geek...

Monday, April 19, 2004

How to Drink Beer.

Now this is what I call a Beer Drinking Professional.. I'm going to have to try that at Oktoberfest one time....

Too much TV?

It's a bit of a worry when my daughter starts saying, "Last" in an American accent. Maybe that's enough TV for you kid! She is 5 now, but she has been a little slower than some kids in talking correctly as we thought she had a problem with her hearing. Things are a lot better now, and obviously her hearing is fine because she hears words on TV and then speaks like that at home. Slowly but surely we teach her the 'right' way to say things, but how do you explain to a little girl that saying, 'L-a-st' is wrong and 'L-ar-st' is right? The same applies with a few other words that those Yanks get wrong ;) Can't, Grass, pass. Other people have noticed the way that Mikayla says, "Barbie". Obviously she gets the accent from the American Barbie commericals and that's how she says it. Fair enough I spose, but it sounds a bit strange... I guess as she grows up and hears more people say words in general she will learn the 'right' way, but as more and more American content is on TV, it may take longer than I think!

Friday, April 16, 2004

How many degrees to you?

A new guy just started at my work and we were chatting at lunch. I mentioned that I was about to move to Dunlop, and then he told me that someone he knows is selling a house in Dunlop and moved to Melbourne. Holy shitballs. That's the same guy! As it turns out, the guy is one of his best mates and he actually lived in the house for a couple of months. Freaky as. This town is so small. No-one can get away with anything here because everyone is connected to everyone by probably no more than 3 or 4 degrees of seperation. It would be an interesting project to see how many people can connect to everyone else. You may have seen the site Friendster, where you connect to other friends and can then see how many many friends you have in a number of degrees away. Someone should set up and then we could all link to each other in our town. Hmmm...there's something to do... Oh yeah, and if you wanna link to me in Friendster, just email me.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I am in love..

I have found my next baby.. It is the Grundig Lenaro MFW 86-610/9 SDTV. This TV is soooo nice. It comes with the stand that you see in the picture, which is tilted back a little so that the TV points at you when you are sitting down. It also has a built-in Digital Tuner and Dolby 5.1 Surround decoder. AND it is upgradeable to have Picture in Picture and a Personal Digital Recorder. *droooool* Now I just have to convince the wife that I need to give birth to it.. She doesn't even have to push...

Signing for debt.

Solicitors are lawyers, but it sounds so much better to be a solicitor. Lawyers are the 'scum of the earth' (tm), but being a Solicitor sounds just that little bit better. We are dealing with a lovely lady in the sale and purchase of our properties. She has been so great and helpful and just simply tells it like it is without any legal mumbo jumbo. We signed contracts this morning, so now we are just 3 steps away from moving into our new place. 1. Site & pest inspection. 2. Exchange Contracts 3. Settlement. With any luck, this will all happen in the next 6 weeks.... Of course there is still the packing and moving to do, but I'm actually looking forward to going through my shit and throwing things out! It'd be nice if the agent let us move some stuff into the new house's garage early, but I guess he's not allowed.. Anyway.....Woo hooooo..nearly there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

DVD Splurge

My DVD Count at the moment is 69. Click here for my list. I am very proud of growing collection, but there are still shitloads more that I want. I need money money money! Today I went to good ol Big W and laybyed (I'm poor) 4 more. I got Matrix Reloaded, Clerks, The Meaning of Life and Hercules for $80 :) Whatta bargain! I need to slowly get my Kevin Smith collection. Still need Dogma, Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back though. He has also just brought out Jersey Girl in the states. Australia is too damn slow.

My good ol sis...

She's a good one, my sister. She knows how to make me smile, and how to help me survive. We had lunch together today and it's always nice to have a bit of a gossip with her about things. Those 'things' usually end up being about our mum and older sister :) I mean, family discussions are always fun when you have the same point of view about someone and can compare notes. I have 2 sisters, one 2 years older and one 9 years younger. I get on a lot better with Katie (the younger), than I do Mel. We can relate a lot better to each other and have similar ideals and thoughts on life. I mean, she and I can have a conversation about absolutely nothing for 10 minutes. How great is that. Just like I can crap on in my blog for 10 minutes about absolutely nothing....... Oops.

It's true, there is no truce.

The 'truce' in Iraq is officially broken. The bodycount continues to add up. Every time...every time I hear of a person dying over there, I get angry. And they just keep on getting sent over. More and more troops. more and more deaths. One day I hope that GWB has to answer to someone about the way this has happened, and when he does, he should pay. Click here for the stuff they haven't told you..

It's a Musical Mystery!

I'm doing this competition at, and I am having trouble guessing the band at the end. I have answered all the questions (took a while), and the band is supposed to be an internationally best selling group. I think they're pommy. If you want to log in and play, you can listen to the musical clues and try and guess meeee :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


So, we've had our house on the market now for around 8 weeks. The house we are buying has already had contracts exchanged, and we have a settlement date of, on or before the 17th of July. This is good, as we had not sold our house yet. Anyway, I was trying to sell the house by myself to avoid those large agents fees. I tried this for 4 weeks and had a decent response, but nothing serious at all. It was at this point that an agent approached me that stood a little from the crowd of others that already had approached. I decided to go with him because the stress of trying to sell it myself was too much, and I just couldn't attract a big enough range of people. This agent told me that he would be able to give me a set amount after he sold my house, and that anything over this amount would be his commission. That means that, for example, he would set down $320,000 as the amount of money that we received after his fees, and if he sold the place for $328,000, he took the $8000 and I got the rest. Now this seemed like a good deal to be, as opposed to an agent taking a percentage out of the sale of your house (usually 3% for first 100k and then 4% after), so after trying one more week to sell it myself, I went with this agent. The 4th weekend of open houses with the agent just passed, and we got considerable interest over this last Easter Weekend. We finally got a firm offer on the place today of $5000 more than the guaranteed amount we are due to receive. Now of course, we will accept this offer and the agent will get $5000 commission. BUT, now the agent is trying to get more. Why? Because he wants more commission of course. We get the same, no matter what, so we don't want him to try and get more because that might just scare them away. I mentioned over the weekend that I would be willing to drop the amount that I receive if we get a lower offer, just so I have the security of selling the house. The agent is now using this in the scenario and says that we should take $2000 less so that he gets a $7000 commission. Fuck that, I say! We have a contract stipulating that we get a set amount. Also, we decide if an offer is accepting or not and he must tell the buyer. It really should be, 'end of story' right there. Fortunately he has accepted the original offer from the buyer (with the 5k commission) and he says he will discuss with his superiors whether he can only have a 5k commission. he admitted to me that he has never done a sale where he recieved less that $6000 commission. Anyway, it will be a huge relief to sell the house but I will be tense and stressed still until those contracts are exchanged. They seem very keen though, so wish me luck!!

Boss-free Work

Easter was nice. 4 days was nice. The Chocolate was nice. Work is not. But, Boss-free work is much nicer than normal boss-filled work. This week, both of my project managers are on holidays, and this spells 'less stress' for me. I can get on with work, or not and not be hassled by the 'man'. Gotta like that. So, the weekend was actually really nice. I had a chance to just relax and enjoy a clean house and nothing to do. We did have open houses on Sat, Sun and Monday and heaps of people came through. Cross your fingers and toes that we will get an offer today! But chocolate and kids raelly are not a good combination. On Sunday whilst sitting back and chatting with my dad and grandmother, the kids were running around a bit and hyped up on Chocolate and sugar. My sister went out the glass sliding door to got outside and closed the door behind her. Mikayla went running after her and *BANG*. *CRUNCH*. She run head first into the glass door and then bounced backwards before slamming her head back on the coffee table. Ouch. Of course, lots of crying ensued and not even a barrel load of easter eggs could placate her. I guess it's just another bump to add to the back of her head. Which, incidently, you really notice when you shave your head. As I did a few weeks ago (for a good cause!). I had so many bumps, scars and few abnormalities on my head that I never knew were there... Anyway, better get back to work. Oh..wait a minute... *looks around*

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Mmmm...Easter Eggs...

Holy crap the kids got a lot of easter eggs. We'll be eating chocolate until we're sick... But it's ok...i like being sick from Chocolate..

Friday, April 09, 2004

Jake & Elwood

I just finished watching The Blues Brothers. I watched most of it with Mikayla, and is was so fun. It was wonderful to watch her dancing along to 'Shake Your Tail Feather'. We replayed that bit 3 times and she was doing all the dances! The Twist, The Watusi, the Monkey. It was great to watch. It's such a great movie too. One of those movies you can watch over and over without ever getting sick of it. It's such a shame John Belushi died 2 yrs after it because he and Dan Ackroyd really could have continued the Blues Brothers on and been absolutely huge. Not that they weren't anyway! But I just think it's sad that he died so young... "We're on a mission from god...."

Good Friday, Good PC.

My computer decided to die yesterday. Windows XP is probably the best operating system I've ever used, but dammit if it doesn't just die in the arse sometimes. But after some registry hacking and re-installing, i'm back and zooming away at 850Mhz. It's not a super fast PC, but it does the job and I am usually very happy with how it runs... Here's a cute little game I found that'll keep you busy for 10 minutes or so :) Gotta love those little people burning up and falling into the snow... Toboggan Jump 2002

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Aaah Canberra. It's a good place... But first, let me say that I only barely consider myself a Canberran. I am a Sydneyite at heart, having been born there and living 12 years of my life there. But now that I have been in Canberra for 16 years, I suppose I could really be classified a complete Canberran. The only thing is, that although I like to defend my town and it's people, there are times when I wish I was in the hustle and bustle of the city and have that chance to mingle with so many people from so many different walks of life. The fact is, Canberra doesn't have a big enough population to really have a good cross-section of people with different origins, beliefs and ideals. This may be a reason why I have taken to blogging so much. It gives me a chance to explore other people from other places. (but I actually read a few other blogs from Canberrans too. Ironic?) There are things that annoy me about this place though. Canberrans are, in the norm, a very fickle bunch. This is never more evident than when the support for one of our sporting teams drops off considerably as soon as they start losing. Is this a lack of loyalty, or just a hate of losing? Canberrans don't like to put themselves in a position where they could lose because it means they have lost the opportunity to win. And winnings is something that some Canberrans think they do a lot. Maybe that is why Canberrans don't have the best reputation around the country. There was once that classic story on Sixty minutes about the Canberran 'Fat Cat's and how we all live like Millionaires. This is of course no where near the truth, but it went a way to explain the perceptions that others have of us. It was nice to see a post from a fellow Blogger Jef, in his blog Cult of Jef, reveal his small experience with Canberra from a overseas visitors perspective. Although he may not have had much to do with the people here, at least he made the effort to visit our little town and take in some sites. It's a bit upsetting though that he was recommended NOT to come here. A bit sad really... Aaah Canberra. It's a good place........but not great.

Rock on Chickens. It's 'Thank God it's Thursday' as we roll into Easter. Hope you get to go home early.....cause I can't!! Easter is such a boring holiday though. With me not being religious at all, it's like, Good Friday is the most boring day o the year. Nothing much is open, some food places don't sell meat and there's nothing on TV. I'll probably just lie around with the kids and play playstation and hang out in the backyard... Anyone got anything better to do?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I just went down to Big W at lunch time, and picked up their April DVD Catalogue. They've got a fucketload of DVD's down there now, and if I was rich I would be going crazy buying stuff, but I digress. On the back page of the Catalogue are a bunch of DVD's on sale for $2.98. Yes. 3 Bucks for a dvd!! I thought, "Gee's, this stuff will be quality" I looked a little closer and saw such classics as: - "Just one of the Girls" starring Corey Haim in a cheerleader outfit. - "Chains of Gold" starring John Travlota. What the? Was this 'Pre-Look Whos talking?" - "Out in Fifty" starring Cristina Applegate and Mickey Rourke. Enough said. - "Double Down" starring Jason Priestley. Isn't 3 bucks a bit much for that? - "Demolition University" starring our Corey Haim. Great movie title. I bet it really blows..... - "The woman who loved Elvis" starring Roseanne and Tom Arnold. OMG... So, you can see. That's just the tip of the iceberg of quality movies at your local Big W. Get in quick, they won't last.......

It's fucked that the US military continue to die over in Iraq. Every time I see the latest from Iraq it seems that 6, or 8, or a dozen soliders are getting killed by ambush attacks, or militia uprisings. And why are they getting killed? Because President Fuckhead in the US made them go there. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that; a) President Fuckhead will lose the election. b) Johnny Wanker will lose the election. I'm looking forward to 2005 already when some sanity can be restored to this planet.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Where is the freaking rain?? This morning there was supposed to be a late shower or storm, but now it's officially "Becoming Fine". I am getting so sick of having to water every second day just to keep my garden in a reasonable state. I am having to do it in 2 places as well, because my new house is empty and the grass is dying! This lack of rain is of course a bigger problem for farmers and all, but I'm just being selfish and want rain rain rain! I can hardly even remember what it's like to have a good long glut of rain. The last time I can remember it raining a lot is November 2002 when it rained almost every single day of the month. What? Was that supposed to last us for 18 months? I've got a good rain dance...maybe if I get enough people together... When I was a kid, my cousins and my sister and I were all mucking around at my grandmothers house when we devised a rain dance to see if we could make it rain (It was a fucking hot day). Anyway, the song went something like this. "Hawaii...hawaii...hawaii kangaroo". We would sing this over and over again as we marched around in circles. Then the biggest freaking hail storm happened almost straight afterwards. These hailstones were huge and I remember getting hit on the end as I rain into the house, these golf ball sized stones crashing into my skull. So, yeah. This raindance works!! "...Hawaii...hawaii...hawaii Kangarooooooo..."

10 years ago yesterday, I remember where I was when I heard the TV blurt out the words about the 'Grunge Rocker' who committed suicide. I was at my Aunties place in Sydney after just being in a car for 4 hours. We had just walked in the door when the 6:00 news was on. I think it was Jim Waley telling us... Kurt Cobain was dead, and so was Nirvana. My first thoughts were of disbelief, but then it wasn't long before I was torn between the feelings of anger and confusion. Why would a guy who has changed the face of music and made so many people happy want to end his life in such a way? What was it that made him reach the point of no return? Nirvana's music, like it did for so many, changed my life and my perception of how music affects me. There has never been a moment of clarity and perfection more clearly than the first time I heard "Smells like Teen Spirit". It's a feeling that I will try to convey to my children, but I doubt they will understand. Kurt may not have been a good role-model, or a person to aspire to, but he made fucking awesome music and that was the bottom line for me. I think I was more sad at the fact that Nirvana was dead, and that's where the anger came into it... Long Live Nirvana's Music, and R.I.P. Kurt. Kurt Cobain - 10 Years Gone

Monday, April 05, 2004

Here's a pic of my 5 yr old, Mikayla, getting up close and personal to the camera. I love that picture.

Since I have been getting into this Blogging thing on a regular level, I have perused dozens of blogger sites and been very impressed by a lot of them. True, some of them are just crap, or boring, but some others have really grabbed me and I have been reading them regularly. The best site I have found for organising blogs, is Australian Weblogs - Aussie Blogs - Update Tracker. This site lists all Aussie blogs and then categorises them into states. I think it's cool I can look up fellow Canberran bloggers and read them. The best Canberran blog I have found so far is TJ's, Welcome to the Teej Mahal. You have some piss-funny stories in there TJ, and I have enjoyed going back and reading your posts when I get time. The more I look into this blogging, the more I find it relaxing, refreshing and great way to unwind, plus posting enables me to get shit off my chest and hopefully do some good ol story telling. The fact that I get a few people looking at it is cool too, but in the end, it doesn't really matter who looks. It's just nice to have a spot where I can unleash....

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Bloody Stupid Crappy Ripoff Lotto Surprise Surprise, we won nothing. Even the syndicate I was in at work didn't even win enough for us to get a buck back each. That's after spending over $1700 in tickets! I think the best the syndicate got was 4 numbers.... Dunno why I bother..

So....the Eels lost...BOOOOOO. It wasn't the worst Eels loss I have seen. I have seen MUCH worse, but it was disappointing anyway. I was sitting near some really annoying Raiders fans though who were drunk off their nut and swearing at the Eels players as they ran past to warm up. No wonder I hate Raiders fans so much... Oh well, at least the Eels have a few easy games coming up. Assuming the Rabbitohs are easy, seeing as though they thrashed the Sharks last night too! The best thing about last night was that Mikayla (my 5 yr old) enjoyed herself. She liked running down to the fence and waving to the cheerleaders and the Hog Breath Pig. Whatever excites her, I don't mind cause I just like being able to take her to the footy! She told me she wants to go again after the game, so who knows I might take her to the Knights game in a couple of weeks.

Friday, April 02, 2004

$19 Million Dollars. That's how much money I am going to have tomorrow night. But I spose I wouldn't care if 18 others shared it with me. What would anyone do with $19M? Buy an island? a Lamorghini...or 2? a few houses? a few companies? Hmmm...all i want is to get out of debt, own a nice sized house, and 2 cars that won't break down. Then I'd happily share money with friends and family, set up nice nesteggs for the kids, invest enough to keep me going when i retire at age 35. Actually, I'd go and find a job that I enjoy doing. Something that I can go to everyday and feel excited about. My dream job is to be a radio DJ, but it seems the only way you can become one of those is to do a course, get a job in some backwater town for a few years before scrounging for a mid-dawn shift at a city station for another few years and then get some 4 hour shift to spin the discs. Years ago I did some 'work' at KIX106, back when Bad Boyd was on the airwaves every night and they played real music. Not the twaddle that they blurt out nowadays. It was some of the best times of my life, hanging out there. He taught me how to use the desk, the mics, the tapes, find cd's, organise news and advertisements. ...And then Kix went lame (before turning to MIX106), Boyd left and I had no more fun out there. Now I think 104.7 and MIX are owned by the same people. How lame is that. So, the only radio station I listen to now is JJJ. It saves me from the shit on commercial radio. It also lets me hear quality Australian music that isn't DeltaGuyBarnesyFarnesyNikkiDani shit... So yeah...anyway...bring on the 19 Mill.

hehehehe....(I have lots of these)

Friday! Woooo hoooooooo. Looking forward to a weekend of footy and relaxation. I'm off to the Raiders v Eels game tomorrow arvo. I am going to take Mikayla (5) and Ewan (2) along. It'll be Ewan's first game, but Mikayla came to half a game last year before freaking out and going home! She gets intimidated by crowds sometimes especially when they are all cheering for a try (of which there were too many last year!) Otherwise the weekend will consist on trying to clean the house again for the open houses (wish us luck!!) The agent is confident he'll sell soon, but I wish I could share his confidence.. Anyone wanna buy a house? $280,000. Nice neat family home in Belco!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I have 68 DVD's, but I have found what is going to be a certainty in my collection. The Pink Panther boxset!! A must have in any collection I reckon... Mind you, my list of 'must-haves' is growing very fast.. I might have to post that soon...

Here's a tip. Don't go picking the bits of skin around your toenail off. Stupid me did this last week and now my toe hurts like a son-of-a-bitch. I've had one ingrown toenail before and I had to get the doctor to hack it out under anaesthetic, but this time I am determined that I will pull out the offending nail myself. I'm probably stupid and it will become infected, but anyway...

Like a peanut unopened, Like a brain undiscovered. Like a surprise unrevealed, Like a season unraveled. That's what I see, Or cannot see to come. Happy April Fools.

I sooooo want an iPod. I now have nearly 1200 mp3's on my home PC, and i haven't even ripped all of my 300 CD's yet. I have been told I can get one this year, but I dunno if I can afford the 15Gb model, which retails for around $450. I have been looking on ebay though and might be able to pick one up for under 400 if I'm lucky. I love the idea of storing my whole music collection on a machine that I can carry around in my pocket... If all else fails I can just make one of these....


Looks like those dickheads in the American Government will have to invade Cuba now. I mean, shit, they 'might' have weapons, so lets go get them!! Idiots.

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