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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Footy, Friends and Dwight Who?

Firstly. How goo are my Eels? Smashing the Dragons on Friday night was a highlight of my year. But it wasn't just because of the game. Earlier that day I had heard that Dwight Yorke, ex Manchesterian and now of Sydney Football Club fame, was going to be coming down to Canberra to play against the Belconnen Blue Devils at McKellar Soccer 'stadium'. I also heard that he may be popping into the Soccer club after the game for a meet and greet. I thought this might be fairly unlikely, but hey it was worth a shot seeing as though I can see the lights of the field from my Dad's front step. I watched the first half of the Parra game at home before Gai and Simon came past to pick me up to go to the club. Simon and I rocked on in and the place was about half full, but there was no Dwight to be seen. Later on we found out that he didn't even come to Canberra, let alone hang with the locals! Sounded like a good marketing ploy by the club to me! So, Simon and I settled in with a few beers to watch the second half on a plasma screen. We scored cheap drinks through a mate of mine at the bar, and downed Carlton's and Scotch & Drys whilst cheering on our team to an awesome victory! (hehehe...too bad Marina!) I could have just watched the game at home by myself, but watching it with an old friend whilst getting half-toasted is always a better option! The Eels are now cemented in 2nd spot, and looking the goods to stay in that position for the rest of the season, meaning a week off at finals time and a quicker path to the Grand Final. I may be counting my chickens, but we are looking damn good so far and I'm itching to buy Grand Finals tickets! Of course, before then we have the Eels v Broncos at Parramatta Stadium in the last round to (hopefully) decide the Minor Premiership... :) I had the kids for the weekend and we had a great time. It's been a very good thing to have a chance to spend time with them by myself and they seem to be enjoying it as well. It makes a big difference when everything that they need is up to you and there is no-one else to fall back on. It's something that I should have been used to before, but now at least I get the chance to accept this responsibility and I am very happy with the way I am handling them. They have also been really good for me, and even though 3 yr old boys can be a handful at times, he can also be a absolute angel which makes it all worth it. Can't wait for the weekend this week. I have the Raiders v Eels on Sunday. Going to Sydney on Saturday to meet a friend for the first time, and hoping to have a top night out at 'Cheese on Toast' on Friday night with more friends! Roll on Friday I say!!

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