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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


So, where is my life at? Glad you asked... - My contract has been extended till the end of June, which is a relief and lets me relax just a little. It's a stressful business being on a limited contract, and not really knowing where your job is going. But I am semi-confident that I will get a 12 month extension from the end of June. I'll keep you posted. - Our new car arrives next week. We decided on the Honda Odyssey. It is made to be a 7 seater, unlike the Territory, and the basic features it comes with fit very well into the price tag. Can't wait to drive a car that has single figure kilometres on the clock! - My poor 'middle' child turned 3 last weekend. We went to the Kingston Mini railway. It was a great day. It's an excellent place to take the family for a BBQ and to generally hang out, whilst the kids go crazy on the trains, around and around and around. (for only $5 all day). He had fun, and he enjoyed his presents. Pity the ants got to the cake....but we brushed them off :) - My marathon training is still on track. But I am afraid I have been a bit slack with the running this week. I did a 16k run on Sunday, but after the VR concert I was sore and tired and couldn't do the 20+ k that I was planning. However this weekend will be a long one. Hopefully 25km+ and I still have to do a decent length mid-week run as well. The Marathon is fast approaching! It's on the 13th of April... - My youngest boy finally cut his first tooth last week. He's 13 months old and we starting to think he'd be gummy all his life, until we finally saw the little white bits on the bottom. This is after he has been an absolute turd for the last few weeks and screaming through the night etc... I mean.. I can understand that it hurts to cut your first tooth and all, but jebus is he loud at 3am. - Thanks to Nilanga for sending me the info on this new PS2 game. They've whipped it up pretty quick ;) - And for weird items I've seen this week. If you're into 'Hello Kitty', you really will have to get one of these next time you go to the dentist.. - Also, I have broken my record as far as hits go this week. I got 77 hits on my blog on Monday and then followed it up with 60+ yesterday. That's 20 more than I usually get and I have lots of returning visitors! I must admit I am a bit of a hit-whore, but I don't really just write things to get hits. I just like to record my thoughts and life on the screen and the fact that I get hits (even random google searches) makes me feel like I really am a part of the global blogosphere. - And Summer is finished, and that makes me sad cause it's my favourite season. I guess the first month of Autumn will be ok, but I just know that because I am in Canberra, Winter will be here too frigging quick and I will just be pleading for Spring to arrive. The only plus side to the leaves falling of the trees is that the Footy season is here :) So, that's it. That's me. Thanks for checking up on me. And I really will make the next Blogger meetup. Really! I will! I promise :) Maybe I should organise the next one...Kingston Mini-railway anyone??

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