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Friday, February 11, 2005

A Friday night remembered....

If you're thinking of something to do after work today, consider popping over to the Old Parliament House. (OPH) Now, I'm not a yuppie by any means, and I don't consider myself to be in the upper echelon of society, so this place seemed a little 'out-of-place' to me as I walked towards the backdoor of 'Cafe in the House'. Big groups of guys in suits, and women who all seemed impeccably dressed were trotting their way up to the entrance. I shimmied in with my jeans and shirt trying to look casual. First thing I noticed as I walked in was the amount of people. Holy Crap! It was packed. I was in a queue from the moment I stepped in, just to walk through the place. To my left as I walked in I noticed a table-full of people I knew. This immediately put at ease. It those people come here, then this place must be alright.. They said to me, "Good luck finding your friends in this place!" So I started to search. I walked through the beer and wine queue, outside to the gazebo, around the courtyard, and then in the back door. Having finally found them (in the last place I looked of course), I sat down and looked around. It was 6pm and everyone already looked pretty toasted. I offered to get beers. Happy Hour runs from 5 till 7, but the prices didn't really seem like Happy Hour prices to me. $3.50 for a beer. But this included 'Coopers Sparkling Ale'. Yum yum! The beer of choice in this place seemed to be 'Bees Knees'. I have it once, but it didn't really jump out at me. (besides, the Happy Hour price for them was $4!) Cocktails went for $6.50, down from their normal price of $13, and these were of course very popular with the ladies. So I proceeded to make the most of Happy Hour at OPH and enjoyed some great company (ex-colleagues). The lawns of the courtyard filled up fast as the hours went on. There was limited space inside, and the weather was not too crash-hot, so I was told that the numbers were actually less than usual. Eventually we tired of the political buzz and post-Happy Hour prices, and moved all places. The Holy Grail to be exact. We got in there just before 10pm and managed to grab a pizza, as some of us had eaten nothing until then. For $9.90 I got a pizza that was no less then DELICIOUS. I dunno if it was the Coopers talking, or the crack covers band, but this food was good! I wolfed it down with all my might and settled back with some pints of beer that had been carrier over from 'The Durham' by someone who thought we were over there! A bit of glass swapping never hurt! It was a nice time in the Grail, until we decided to step outside to a table for smokers to partake in their habits and then found that it was 5 bucks to get back in. A cover charge?? But we were just in there. We already heard the band. We already bought some food and drinks. Ok, to be honest, we didn't even bother trying to get back in. Instead we moved on to Filthy's, another....establishment in the Green Square of Kingston. And you can tell why they call it Filthy's. I've been there a few times, and while it has a ambiance of sorts, and resembles the 'Contented Soul' in lighting effects, the whole place just seems a little wrong to me. For one, it's quite small, two, there were too many people in there, and three, the prices were filthy! Luckily by this stage I was reaching the end of my drinking rope, although it seemed that a ex-colleague who was about to become an ex-workplace-ex-colleague persisted in buying me drinks. Who am I to refuse? So we finished off the Kingston Kapers at 'The Durham'. The band was lively and playing old favourites (ok..I can't remember what they were...I think I heard some James Brown), and more beer was flowing and we noticed that slowly throughout the night we had been losing people one by one. It's funny how that happens. For whatever reason, people leave, or say they're doing something and never come back. We were down to 5, and we had a designated driver, so of course...we went to Civic to get...kebabs :) It was a top night. I got tahini all over my leather jacket, and ended up driving home from Kingston (for some stupid reason) and got home around 3am. I don't go out often, but it's nice to have a big one occasionally Problem is, there is another farewell with the same people next Friday. Twice in a month? Do I go??

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