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Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday Network Mayhem

Well, it's been a very non-productive day so far. I come into work this morning, and before I even log in, I hear moans and swearing and keyboard smashing. Uh Oh.... So I log in, or try to log in at least. Hmmm..that's taking a while longer than usual... As it turns out, EVERYTHING is taking a lot longer than usual, but how long exactly I wouldn't know cause I've already rebooted my PC three times. Nothing is working...well except this window that I am typing in right now, which I am sure will not work when I hit the 'Post' button. To be honest, although network problems at work can be frustrating, I don't really mind it. Everyone usually just accepts it and either pisses off to the Plaza, or finds something else to do. It's a nice break and the best thing is, there's nothing you can do! I am tempted to just go home cause I want to watch the World Cricket Tsunami Appeal match on TV. They are 2 bloody awesome lineups, and I'm sure it will be played in high spirits. The only downer is that the ICC has made it an official one day international, which means it has to be played under ICC guidelines meaning that you can't rotate 12 or 13 players around or give everyone a bowl, which often happens in these sorts of 'friendlys'. It's interesting to see players like McGrath, Cairns, and Lara all on the same team. Unfortunately Tendulkar is out with tennis (cricket) elbow and won't be able to bat, but he's still flown out here and wants to be involved however he can. It's amazing to see the amount of world-class cricket talent that has flown here on short notice (12 days). These sorts of matched usually take a year to organise. It goes to show the togetherness and bonding that has happened around the world to support and help the victims of the tsunami. It has truly been amazing to watch. It seems to be working as well, because I heard on JJJ this morning that they are trucking in aid from Jakarta to Ache because the airstrip is so busy with constant planeloads of aid already. You just hope that every little bit you can donate is going to get to it's destination and really help. Everyone's heard stories of the aid that was sent to Iraq which didn't ever reach its destination. Hussain would stockpile heaps of food and supplies in warehouses rather than give it to his people. I have been cynical in the past of world aid organisation, but in this instance I can see that the money from around the world is helping, albeit slowly, and it encourages people to help more. Hmmm.. Network is still buggered. Maybe I'll go for a walk... ..... .... .. I can't even post this entry now. I'm eating my lunch. At 11am now. Quickly running out of things to entertain me. I know..I'll go buy a paper. .... ... ..'s 1.30pm and it's back up. Guess I'd better do work now. *sigh*

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