Jason Wells

Permanent Address
6208 N Heather Oak Dr
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 691-9681
Current Address
7795 McMallum Blvd. #301
Dallas, TX 75252
(972) 267-8022

OBJECTIVE I am currently employed in the field of parallel computer architecture, but I am also interested and skilled in OOP software engineering. I would consider any job opportunities in either of these areas that offer superior salary, location and benefits.
02/00 to present
Design Verification Engineer
Hewlett Packard, Computer Technologies Division
Richardson, TX 75080 USA
Developed a test fixture language and Verilog driver stubs to create a test bench fixture for the Verification of Verilog code within HP's Concorde chipset of the upcoming Yosemite architecture. Worked with library structuring and updating Makefile templates. Worked with work breakdown structures for the Concorde verification effort.
05/99 to 9/99
Linux Servers / Web Intern
Motorola Silicon Products Section
80799 München Deutschland
Setup and configured Linux servers from a base SuSE Linux installation. Wrote scripts for system administration, and created Javascript and Java templates for customized email applications. Configured Sendmail, Apache and Oracle servers. Worked with perl, java and javascript SQL calls to an ODB. Learned to speak German conversationally.
06/97 to 12/97
Design Verification CoOp
Hewlett Packard, High Performance (Enterprise Computing) Division
Richardson, TX 75080 USA
Wrote and maintained C++ libraries used to verify Verilog simulation output of the SanteFe Memory Agent Chip (SMAC), which is used in HP's V-class technical servers. Also wrote and maintained parsing tools that read response tables of various memory network chips to build packet expectancy class structures which were also used in the SMAC verification effort.
09/96 to 05/97
Site Consultant
College of Engineering, UIUC
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Responsible for network administration, maintenance and user support of HP-UX, Sparc-System V, and IBM-AIX systems.
05/95 to 08/95
Mainframe Support
Peoria, IL 61632 USA
Data archiving, job control and system troubleshooting of a CICS mainframe.
10/93 to 12/93
Customer Sales Representative
Peoria, IL 61632 USA
Order taking and customer correspondence.
EDUCATION B.S. Computer Engineering, December 1998.
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
ECE249: Digital Systems Laboratory
ECE290: Introduction to Comp. Engineering
ECE291: On-Line Computing
(Intel x86 Assembly)
ECE311: Microcomputer Laboratory
ECE312: Computer Organization
and Design (VHDL)
ECE325: Introduction to VLSI System Design
ECE362: Logic Design
ECE412: Advanced Concepts in
Computer Architecture
ECE229: Introduction to EM Fields
ECE244: Electrical Engineering Laboratory
ECE270: Introduction to Circuit Analysis
ECE309: Signal and System Analysis
ECE340: Solid State Electronic Devices
ECE342: Electronic Circuits

CS223: C++ Software Laboratory
CS225: Data Structures and
Software Principles
CS318: Computer Graphics
PROJECTS More information about some of the following projects is available at:
Microcode Control(ECE249) - Designed and implemented an autonomous robot car based on analog light sensors connected via an ADC to a Motorola 68HC11 micro-controller.
Assembly Game Programming (ECE291) - Designed a VGA adventure game using Intel x86 assembly language.
(ECE311) - Co-authored an overview paper of MPP architectures and techniques.
HDL Processor Design (ECE312) - Designed a simple microprocessor based on the MIPS R4000 instruction set.
HDL Processor Design (ECE312) - Designed and implemented a pipelined processor with a cache system and branch squashing.
VLSI Processor Layout (ECE325) - Used VLSI to design a 4bit microprocessor based on the AMD 2901 instruction set.
NUMA Routing Simulator (ECE412) - Researched, designed and documented a packet routing simulator for NUMA MPP topologies using classwise C++.
OpenGL Raytracer (CS318) - Implemented a simple raytracing algorithm including shading and reflection.
Webmud - Began work Java/socket based graphical Web role playing game. Preliminary code was a player game page consisting group of client Java applets that connected to TCP sockets on the server. Development is currently paused until the server code can be ported from running with C++ daemons to threaded Java.
Programming Languages:
Fluent in C++, x86 assembly, and HTML.
Also experienced with LISP, CGI, csh/ksh scripting, Java, make, gmake,
XML, Javascript, Pascal, Visual Basic (GUI programming), Perl, MISP assembly,
and OpenGL
Design Systems:
Have done design work with Mentor Graphics (VHDL), Verilog,
Mentor Graphics IC Station (VLSI), Autocad, Synopsis, and VCS.
Familiar with MCS/RCS, Corba, and Cadence.
Operating Systems:
Have configured, installed and developed applications for Linux systems.
Have developed applications for Win95 systems.
Have administered Solaris, HP-UX, System V, and IBM-AIX system.
Experienced with WinNT, MacOS, and DOS.
Familiar with Mathematica, Matlab, and SPICE.
Fluent in German.
HONORS James Scholar Honors Program
Dean's List: fall 1994 and fall 1995
JETS State Medalist
National Merit Scholarship Mention
ACTIVITIES IEEE member. LUG (linux users group) member. Development of a Java game. Reading and writing fiction.
Billiards, racquetball, chess and card playing.
REFERENCES Available upon request.
STATUS US citizen.