Ramen Ratings

A friend and I assembled this list of ratings after going on a ramen buying binge at our local Chinese market. Some of the names may be misspelled and some names were derived from the only English words on the packaging. Here's what we thought:

Name Rating Comments RATED BY:
Kal.Gug.Su (|) (|) (|) (| Flat, firm noodles. Mushrooms. Spicy. WH, JAW
Hanmi,Inc.-Brown Label OSIN
Brown noodles. Oily. Tasteless. Dumb. WH, JAW
Hanmi,Inc.-Orange Label OSIN (|) (|) Onionish, Mildly Spicy. JAW
Assi (|) (|) (| Tastes like ocean. WH
Chagang Party (|) (| Bland, oily. JAW
Campbell's (| Salty, bland, lame. WH, JAW
JIn- Spicy (|) (|) (|) (|) Firm, tasty noodles. Spicy. Some mushrooms and onions. JAW
Shin (|) (| Spicy. Chewy mushrooms. JAW
Samyung (|) (|) Tangy. JAW
I'm Hot (|) (|) (| Onionish. JAW
Ichiban (|) (| Weak, Salty JAW
Port Arthur (|) (|) (| Startchy JAW
Macharin (|) (| Salty JAW
OSIN = Oriental Style Instant Noodle