Useful Links

Linux Links:

Linux is a wonderful operating system for developers because it and most of its applications are freely distributed as source code under the GNU General Public License. This enables anyone so desiring the ability to modify and expand Linux code, and therefore upgrades for Linux and many of its applications are available on practically a daily basis. This also allows for much larger and more scrutinized project groups than commercial groups with their confidential code. It is little wonder that at the start of 1999, it was shown that Linux with it free code could outperform the pricey Window NT Advanced Server(TM) in many ways including as a web server, a firewall, and a file server (even when serving Windows(TM) drives). Of the thousands of existing Linux sites, I have found the ones below to be among the most reliable, most frequently updated and most extensive.

Linux Resources (TM) (Linux Information)
Linux HQ (Linux Announcements)
Sunsite's Linux Archive
Site for Redhat Packages (RPMs) and Distributions
MIT's Linux Archive
The Linux Encyclopedia
Walnut Creek (CDROM.COM) Linux Archive
Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Linux Software Map
Official Page for Linux Kernel Releases

Programming Links:

Below are some programming sites that I found useful to reference in my various programming endeavors.

CGI Perl Web Resources
Sun's Official Java 1.1 Docs
Sun's Official Java 1.2 Docs

Search Engines:

These are the search engines I tend to use, complete with the options I prefer.

Altavista's Advanced Web Search (sans advertisements)
Altavista's Advanced News Search (sans advertisements)
Lycos' Advanced News/FTP/Web search
Oaklands Virtual Software Library FTP Search

Web Tools:

Altavisita's Online Translator

Other Links:

These links may not be too practical, but I found them to be worth a glance.

A Ramen (Oriental Snack Food) Ratings List
Magic: the Gathering Links