Performance Issues of Interconnect Topologies
and Routing Strategies in MPP Architectures

                                                                     Jason Wells 
This project involved the design and coding of packet simulator for MPP-NUMA system topologies. I implemented this simulator as a base topology class which provides most of the simulation functionality and a set of classes derived from this which describe individual topologies. Derived classes for specific topologies need only provide a constructor to properly link the nodes and any appropriate routers, thus facilitating easy creation of additional simulation classes.
Below is an HTML version of the report for this project along with a link to the simulator code. The simulator produced all the data used in Section V of the report without problems, and appears to be quite robust. It is also well commented and an overview of the coding methods appears in Section IV of my report. I am releasing this code under the GNU General Public License to anyone who is interested, here is a ZIP wad of the files needed to compile the simulator as well as the test runs I performed. Also appearing in my simulator code directory is version 4p99i of plplot, a X11 plotting library that I used to create 3d distribution graphs of my data results, and xmesh, a tool I coded to read the simulator result files, manipulate the data, then graph the results with plplot. The xmesh tool is not as robust as the simulator and is only partially commented, but my goal was to concentrate on the collection of simulation data rather than the development a plotting tool.
I) Introduction
II) Selection of Topologies
III) Theory of Simulation
IV) Implementation of Simulator
V) Analysis of Simulation Results
VI) Conclusion
VII) Bibliography
VIII) Appendices
I - Illustration of a SCC(4) Network
II - Illustration of a MDSXN[1,2] Network
III - Topology Simulator Implementation Overview
IV - Topologies Reviewed in this Project: Statistical Properties
V - Performance Metrics of Simulated Topologies
VI - Link Usage Metrics of Simulated Topologies
Simulator Code

                                     .________.  .______.
                                    /________/| /_____ /|  ))  ((      /
                                   |___. .__|/ | .__. | | ((    ))    *
                                       | | |   | |__| | |  \\^^//**   **
                                       | | |   | .__. | |  (o\/o)***   **
                                     ._| | |   | | || | |   \)(/  *** ***
                                    /__| | |   | | || | |   (@@)   *****
                                   |_____|/`   |_|/`|_|/`    vv     ***