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I think this area would be helpful to hash out any questions/answers we have. This doesn't have to be a polished site after all, so we don't have to duplicate everything here that appears elsewhere in Marcia's documentation. -- Ivan

Speaking of Project Design - What happened to the links on the geocity.com website? -- Liz

Everything seems to work alright for me. Which link is broken? -- Ivan

I added the wiki link to sct.html (it was in index.html). I can't tell which page you were referring to, Liz. -- Patty

I can't see where I should be putting the status updates and the edits to the project plan??? --Marcia

Alright...I updated the index.html page of our website...so now you can see all the requirement/scope/status documents.... -- Marcia

I wasn't really paying attention when I was doing the status updates. I just knew that I was doing all the PDF objects...but I just remembered that Ivan had already started on 4 *oops* which also relieves me because I freaked when I saw my name like 8x...hel-lo.... -- Marcia

A word about changes to PdfReferenceFactory's design. --Ivan
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