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A class which does all our parsing, creating objects & references when necessary.

(11/16/00) I still haven't tested out long strings (things between parenthesis) because I think that PdfString might need a modified constructor to handle a Collection of PdfString objects being thrown at it instead of just a String.

For example, in its simple form, PdfString should output a string:

if instantiated by PdfParser with a string token. If instantiated with a collection of two PdfString objects, it ties them together to product the long string:
 ( hi there )

The trick is that 'hi' and 'there' are themselves PdfString objects when they leave PdfParser. So PdfString needs to know if its receiving a String, or a Collection of Strings. If it receives a Collection of Strings, then it should prepend / append the '(' and ')' marks when 'toString' method is called. The long version of PdfString isn't critical for the time being though, since it primarily surfaces inside PdfStreamObject instances. And since we will be using form elements in this project instead of straight text-substitution, it's not as critical to model this. -- Ivan

I believe reading PdfStreamObject's correctly is necessary for writing a correct PDF file back out to disk. So I think this needs to be done. -- Patty
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