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How the PdfObject hierarchy will change. -- Ivan

I'm not sure what category this fits in. It would be great to get a sample PDF file that has been updated and mucked with several times. The one you gave us seemed brand new, which is a good test case too. The reason I have to ask for this is that I don't have the Acrobat Writer at work. (This wiki is cool!) -- Patty 11/10/2000

I will create some PDF files that has form field elements in it. I tried creating one that had multiple xref tables, that sort of thing, but didn't have any luck- it seems that acrobat wants to optimize the file by default- maybe we'd need to create something with more than a few pages. In any case, I think the files we have so far will serve to test out the basics. I am a bit worried about running into multiple XrefTable elements inside a file though (in practice, not for these simple files) -- Ivan
Are multiple XREF tables beyond the scope of our project? From reading the pdf manual, a document could have multiple sets of "body", xref table, and trailer due to incremental changes. I was able to find an example of this in $VISUALWORKS/doc/vrwn.pdf. Let me know what you think. -- Patty
FYI, I also found that using vim (VI Improved) it is possible to find a byte offset in a file by typing the command "[byte number]go". In case anyone finds that helpful... -- Patty
I don't have the reference manual handy but I think we should handle incremental changes (multiple xref tables, trailers..) I don't think we would have to recreate all these incrememtal 'sections' in the document we write back out though (this would make testing a bitch however, so for that reason I'd suggest not handling it). How about for the time being we not think about it? :) --Ivan
I noticed that a lot of our objects don't have instance creation methods. Should they? Do we have a convention? -- ''Patty'

There are two instance creation methods in PdfObject, 'with:' and 'withArray:' both with default implementations. The only method that instances of PdfObject should implement is the private method setValue: -- Ivan

General question - is there a way to cc: email addresses when making a change to a wiki page? It would be of infinite help if the wiki could notify people in addition to archiving discussions. -- Patty
I just wanted to clarify something. From the description of the project it seems like the form system is just replacing labels within the pdf file with values retrieved from the config file. Same as the description in the pdf manual section 7.3 Which would mean we do not need the test field and buttom form objects. Yes????

From project descripition page:

The second part would be a forms system. PDF lets you attach labels to regions of the page. A forms system would take a PDF document with labels like "field1" and "field2" and a data sheet with lines like "field1=Ralph Johnson" and "field2=72" and would produce a new PDF document with the text superimposed on the fields. Apparentely Adobe sells this, but it is expensive.

-- Liz

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