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Soup and Salad..

Soup N Salad Soup and Salad Appetizers Pasta Burgers Sandwiches Fish & Seafood Beverages Desserts in Michigan. Or, if you prefer, father-son bonding in a post-Lego world.

I can't say exactly what's going on here, but it doesn't bode well for the young lad, since it isn't clear exactly how much time passed between each scene. One may be led to think that the hot liquid poured onto the sheets, instantly burning the boy right before he jumped out of bed (his father, of course, conveniently outside the frame, passed out behind the bed after collapsing thanks to the boy's reckless distribution of Lego pieces on the bedroom floor).

Legoland Hotchocolate If there are alternate interpretations, I have no idea what they might be, but I caution the reader against overanalyzing the situation. Based on facial features, the man obviously has little biological relationship to the boy, so if this is the evil step-father out for revenge, it's possible that the hot liquid was poisoned in the first place, so if the worst that happens is a quick rush to the bathroom, not a bad price to pay.

And what to make of the prisoner pajamas? Could the Lego pieces on the floor be a trap? Why is the teddy bear pointing directly at them? What would Brecht think of all this? The mind reels.

As a side note, I'm not sure exactly why these two photos complemented each other in my mind just now, nor why I started messing with sepia tones as of late. Might have to do with something I saw or ate. I'm sure it's a phase.

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