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Salteneria Bommerang

SalteneriaboomerangHere's a photo from a local salteneria, "Boomerang", which may or may no longer be around since this picture was taken a few years back. While the front entrance is typical of most saltenerias you'd find, quality and taste of each restaurant are highly subjective-- I've witnessed several conversations between adults debating the relative merits of their local restaurants. "Boomerang" had pretty good saltenas for the area, but Los Castores is definitely king.

Here's a random comment from some site:

check out the poster´s Saltena shop, and let us all know how it is.

p.s. - I tried Saltenas in Peru, and they where nothing NOTHING compared to Sucre, Bolivia. That is one delicious food product.

Word up, my friend! I also managed to find an advertisement for the king of all saltenerias in Cochabamba, "Los Castores".

Los Castores

Be sure to grab an early lunch. Also, when they say "picantes" they really mean it. Personally I'd settle for two salteñas (one dulce, one picante) and a coke. The perfect lunch for any day.

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