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Wherefore the camera phone?

I've decided to start printing out some of the pictures I capture with the camera phone. Resizing them to 3"x2.5" pictures printed on matte photo paper (which I seem to have quite a bit of, as it's far less expensive than the glossy variety), they tuck nicely into a Moleskine.

The moleskine is a pretty trendy notebook right now, but notebook type doesn't really matter-- I still have a few old college-ruled "marble" Mead composition books [amazon link] from back in college, and in may ways they were preferable-- an optimum size, pretty sturdy and cheap. Useful for writing, drawing and class notes (which were usually interspersed).

Pasting some pictures into a notebook might be interesting, since visualizing a scene can usually spark a few ideas of your own. While you might call this a form of scrapbooking, I wouldn't necessarily feel the need to constrain the text to simple captions or expository writing, nor should the photos be strictly autobiographical in nature.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I always found camera phone-quality images kind of a novelty in most cases. Despite popular convention, I don't really think anything that comes out of a cell phone can be good enough for serious photography nor even the web. But this might prove to be an interesting application.

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