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Storefront, Santa Fe

Jewelry Shop-1
Walking around downtown Santa Fe at night is a good time to peer into some of the shop windows. This particular store seemed to sell jewelry (not lamps?), located somewhere near the intersection of Galisteo and San Francisco street.

A few notes on the details-- F100 on Provia 400 (which, as slide film, I'm more than happy with). A word on the zoom lens-- I'm actually a bit surprised that I was ready to sell it a few months back considering that I generally like using it. The drawbacks of the lens (I think some of the softness comes through here, even when you factor in the VR stabilization since I was shooting fairly wide) are usually forgivable considering how relatively light it is, quiet to focus, reliable and all around a great value. The problem is, I hate lugging around large, conspicuous lenses. Considering how and when I shoot, I just value smaller, lighter camera equipment in general.

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