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Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham-Summer-2001This is an old one from back in 2001, scanned using an Minolta Dimage Elite II (at least I think that's the model) purchased several years ago from Helix, used for two days and promptly returned. My only bad experience with Helix to date, realizing that they had (continue to have?) a strict no-returns policy on all digital equipment. My problem with the scanner started and ended with the fact that it was a poor substitute for the real scanner I wanted at the time (but could not afford). Simply put, I settled, and then realized that most of the slides I scanned didn't look as well as I wanted them to (I should probably re-scan this one now and do a side-by-side comparison). In any case, I argued for a good hour before the sales clerk decided to take back the piece of equipment. I still remember the last thing he said to me, "So you're saying that this is defective?" In retrospect, I think he was just pulling a CYA. It was a ridiculous return policy however.

I think this one scan is a bit of an exception from the other ones (which were not nighttime shots)-- still amazed that I took this one shot freehand, thinking that it wouldn't materialize to much. I know nighttime shots of the fountain are a dime a dozen on stock photo sites, but I like this one because it's my only.

I wish I could remember something interesting about the evening, but it was probably just your typical walk back from the lakefront in the middle of the summer.

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