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January 31, 2006

Window, Loretto Chapel

Loretto Chapel Another shot from the same roll. There are moments when the colors of a stained glass window (and representations thereof) belie some of the underlying beauty of the design which becomes more evident in black and white.

Side note - the thing with rangefinder cameras is, you're never quite on center when you need to be, such was apparently this case here. I'll have to remember that in the future.

Chartres Maze

Cathedral Maze This is a some kind of variation on the Chartres maze which we found just outside the cathedral. We took turns walking the maze, although I found it hard to keep going after standing in the shade too long. The day was rather windy and cold.

As a side note, this roll had been sitting in my bag for the past few weeks-- big mistake! The security personnel at work have a habit of scanning every bag that enters the building through an X-ray machine-- usually not a big deal once or twice. Two weeks later however, it managed to cause some weird vignetting throughout the roll, and streaks in this particular shot-- notice the streaks running just right of center. Other shots have several such vertical streaks as well.

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham-Summer-2001This is an old one from back in 2001, scanned using an Minolta Dimage Elite II (at least I think that's the model) purchased several years ago from Helix, used for two days and promptly returned. My only bad experience with Helix to date, realizing that they had (continue to have?) a strict no-returns policy on all digital equipment. My problem with the scanner started and ended with the fact that it was a poor substitute for the real scanner I wanted at the time (but could not afford). Simply put, I settled, and then realized that most of the slides I scanned didn't look as well as I wanted them to (I should probably re-scan this one now and do a side-by-side comparison). In any case, I argued for a good hour before the sales clerk decided to take back the piece of equipment. I still remember the last thing he said to me, "So you're saying that this is defective?" In retrospect, I think he was just pulling a CYA. It was a ridiculous return policy however.

I think this one scan is a bit of an exception from the other ones (which were not nighttime shots)-- still amazed that I took this one shot freehand, thinking that it wouldn't materialize to much. I know nighttime shots of the fountain are a dime a dozen on stock photo sites, but I like this one because it's my only.

I wish I could remember something interesting about the evening, but it was probably just your typical walk back from the lakefront in the middle of the summer.

January 30, 2006

Tea House

TeahouseIt was a fairly cold evening by the time we rolled into The Tea House. Unlike last time, we didn't get a chance to crash on one of the many comfy couches that line the larger rooms in the corner. I recommend the scones. but be forewarned that one scone is more than enough for two to share. Also be sure to check out the gallery next door if you happen to enjoy paintings of a fairly left-leaning political nature.

January 29, 2006

Wherefore the camera phone?

I've decided to start printing out some of the pictures I capture with the camera phone. Resizing them to 3"x2.5" pictures printed on matte photo paper (which I seem to have quite a bit of, as it's far less expensive than the glossy variety), they tuck nicely into a Moleskine.

The moleskine is a pretty trendy notebook right now, but notebook type doesn't really matter-- I still have a few old college-ruled "marble" Mead composition books [amazon link] from back in college, and in may ways they were preferable-- an optimum size, pretty sturdy and cheap. Useful for writing, drawing and class notes (which were usually interspersed).

Pasting some pictures into a notebook might be interesting, since visualizing a scene can usually spark a few ideas of your own. While you might call this a form of scrapbooking, I wouldn't necessarily feel the need to constrain the text to simple captions or expository writing, nor should the photos be strictly autobiographical in nature.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I always found camera phone-quality images kind of a novelty in most cases. Despite popular convention, I don't really think anything that comes out of a cell phone can be good enough for serious photography nor even the web. But this might prove to be an interesting application.

January 16, 2006

After the Party, 2005

Ltg2006 AfterthepartyStill have more than a few photos that were lying around. Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but I'm still catching up.

January 14, 2006


Kitschn 011306Headed out to the River North Kitsch'n tonight after work. Snapped this on the phone from the booth we were sitting in. As you can tell, it was pretty slow for a Friday night, but then again it hasn't been open that long.

The menu was pretty much the same as at the original location, and the dollar PBR's were always welcome. Riverfront 011306As you can tell if you've been to the Roscoe location, this restaurant a much larger space (there's a bar next door as well), but much easier to get to. We'll have to head back for brunch sometime (and hey, free parking). You can walk to the restaurant from the parking garage down the river walk, which wasn't very scenic other than this nice shot of the loop.

January 09, 2006


Impeachment 2006Sure enough, Toyota owner! But shouldn't this be written on the side of a carton of orange juice? Snapped this yesterday with my phone as we were walking near greek town. Lucky for me I even remember to use the camera phone half the time, particularly when it's cold out and we're on our way to lunch.
On a serious note, I can't tell if it's worth laughing at this or not. On the one hand, truer words... On the other hand, what does it say about our own levels of cynicism that in order to communicate a level of dissatisfaction with GFH, we need to even dignify one by comparing it with the other?

January 04, 2006

Storefront, Santa Fe

Jewelry Shop-1
Walking around downtown Santa Fe at night is a good time to peer into some of the shop windows. This particular store seemed to sell jewelry (not lamps?), located somewhere near the intersection of Galisteo and San Francisco street.

A few notes on the details-- F100 on Provia 400 (which, as slide film, I'm more than happy with). A word on the zoom lens-- I'm actually a bit surprised that I was ready to sell it a few months back considering that I generally like using it. The drawbacks of the lens (I think some of the softness comes through here, even when you factor in the VR stabilization since I was shooting fairly wide) are usually forgivable considering how relatively light it is, quiet to focus, reliable and all around a great value. The problem is, I hate lugging around large, conspicuous lenses. Considering how and when I shoot, I just value smaller, lighter camera equipment in general.