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What is this?

Finally some down time.. I decided (rather late) to start writing down some of my reactions to what I see and here at OOPSLA. And, as usually happens when I decide to write on some new topic, I end up blowing away whatever I had up at my web site and starting from scratch rather than append to it, and be distracted by unrelated thoughts from months ago.

I suppose it's an attempt to get into the spirit of things, to be here and nowhere else, at least between breakfast and dinner. I apologize in advance for mistakes of all kinds.. give me a month or two and I'll go back to make corrections (or shoot me an email). Then again, I'll probably end up archiving all of these notes the next time something needs my immediate attention.

Contrary to my usual style, in which I edit and re-edit my remarks in order to polish them up, I'm trying this will hopefully become less a place to summarize points other people have made, than to provide a few questions and/or comments.

The sad truth (for me at least) is that I usually react to keynotes and panel discussion comments an hour or two after they've been made. I feel I need a bit of time to digest all of it.


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