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Moon Landing

Moon Landing This is one of the few pictures I happened to come across of my grandparents seated next to each other (most photographs tend to be of large groups taken from quite a long distance, and therefore require a bit of interpretive story telling to get the time/date/context). I like this particular photograph (as scratched up as it is) precisely because it stands in contrast to all those other family pictures full of aunts, uncles and cousins whom I barely remember and have a hard time pointing out from fifty feet away. I also imagine the astronaut waving at the television camera.. which is appropriate enough when you think about it. Here we have a camera on the moon transmitting back to earth, fed through to a television where, at the right moment, my father takes this picture of the astronaut posing with my grandparents for just such an occasion so that, years later, their grandson could scan it in for posterity.

I'm sure this type of picture-taking was a common practice during the moon landings and that other families have such pictures stored in their attics-- after all, how else would millions of television watchers commemorate such an event without so much as a ninety hour Tivo in the house? The mind truly boggles.

In the mean time, suffice it to say that my grandparents only visited the U.S. for brief periods of time until their passing (I have very few memories of my grandmother in particular). The horse figurines on top of the television still exist believe it or not, as does the television-- more furniture than appliance now, but as functional and irradiative as ever.

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