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A word on this blog

Since this is a new blog, I figure I should get a few things out of the way.

  1. I don't have any categories set up, but most of what I plan to put here for the next few days will be OOPSLA related (I took some notes last week with doing this in mind, and these should spur me on a bit). Eventually I might make the subject matter more of a general nature (writing and photography), or splinter things into "software" and "non-software". We'll see.

  2. "Why the blog?" A few reasons-- non-work related email was becoming less appealing, and work-related email, while occasionally of a general nature, isn't easily shared with non-work colleagues. I'd rather put my thoughts here, and if people find it interesting, they can pick from it at will.

  3. "What's a 'semper creo'?" I'm not a latin major, but unless the internet lies, it means "always create" or "ever creating". I played around with a few sayings and phrases, but these two words sounded good together, and damn it, even if the conjugation is wrong and it's not perfect-- well, welcome to the site. After all, if you want the news, get a newspaper. :)

  4. I'll try to make things entertaining from time to time without posting code.

  5. As a technical aside, you'll notice that I'm not using Blosxom anymore. I had a thought that I'd blog during OOPSLA (hah! right!), and Blosxom is almost certainly one of the fastest ways to get up and running after you blow away your old website for the umpteenth time.. but now that my initial plans fell through, I took a step back and went with MT. Still using the markdown plugin however, as I'm a big fan of it.

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