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Creative Post-Its


I learned something interesting today about Post-It notes. There's a small meeting room that some of the analysts near us had abandoned when they moved into a new office space. I walked in there to clean out some of the items they left on the wall and I was impressed by some of the charts they had made using brown paper stapled to the wall, and a series of well placed Post-It notes.

I know this is only the kind of thing that I'd find interesting (heh) and it might seem obvious, but I had never given much thought to how making simple shapes & combining colors with these notes could help convey so much information at once.

Yellow and green slips can create a third type of note by folding one into a triangle and leaving the sticky side on a square of the other color.


Pink slips were either used by themselves, or folded into a pointer shape. On this board in particular, they were used as markers along a process.


Here's a mock up of how it looks. The content & writing of the slips of paper isn't that important-- what I was hoping to demonstrate here is that through basic paper folding and color combination, information and a sense of order comes through using nothing more than Post-Its in three colors.


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