Interactive Soiree

What Is The Interactive Soiree?

A Facilitated Social Mixer For Accomplished Adults Of All Ages

The Interactive Soiree objectives are to:

Reduce the stress associated with meeting other people

Provide an effective alternative for adults to increase their odds of finding new friends or that special someone with moderate time investment

Create a friendly, non-superficial, safe environment where participants can socialize and establish rapport

Attract quality, accomplished, adults who are interested in creating meaningful relationships through finding common ground

The Interactive Soiree facilitators' objectives are to:

Ease participants out of their individual comfort zones by dividing them into small groups to maximize their socializing experience

Encourage participants to be honest, be themselves and have fun

Encourage participants to approach potential love interests or new friends and be approachable

Encourage participants to share their interests, occupations, accomplishments, dreams, goals, etc. so they may establish common ground with others at the event

Encourage participants to listen and appreciate each individual's uniqueness

Anita and Bill feel that successful, long-term love and friendship need a solid foundation based on mutual common ground. The Interactive Soiree provides accomplished men and women the opportunity to mingle with other adults so they may find that common ground and begin establishing the foundation for creating a meaningful, life-long relationship that will be an example to future generations.

We gladly donate a portion of the Interactive Soiree proceeds to St. Joseph's Carondelet Child Center for physically, sexually, and psychologically abused and neglected children. Anita Fontana is a workshop facilitator, educator, crises intervention counselor and business owner. She has her B.A. in Elementary Education. Bill Pavelec is the owner of the Gold Coast-based business, Mastering Perfection Health & Wellness Services, specializing in personal training, nutrition & supplementation counseling, and healthy lifestyle education.

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