Do you want to make new friends?

Are you in a dating dilemma?

Are you tired of going on blind dates, answering personal ads, or attending social events on your quest to finding a friend, soul mate or lover?

How often have you walked into a bar, social function or restaurant and spotted someone you would like to get to know? First, you have to figure out a way to interact with that person. Then, you realize you need to be clever or witty just to start a conversation. You finally come up with something to say and, in 30 seconds, your conversation grid locks like Friday night rush hour. You ask yourself, "What do I say now and how do I get this person to be attracted to the real me?" Unfortunately, you haven't created any meaningful rapport or common ground. You're trying to get to know this person in the wrong environment.

What's the solution? The Interactive Soiree, facilitated by Anita Fontana and Bill Pavelec—a unique, non-threatening, non-superficial, event that makes meeting people with your same interests fun and easy.

With the guidance of Anita and Bill, you will interact with every person in the room, circulating from group to group, participating in activities and thought-provoking discussion. You will have plenty of opportunities to share your opinions, values, accomplishments, and personality without those awkward moments. You will get to know other accomplished adults and they will get to know you.

Anita and Bill create an environment where you'll feel comfortable approaching others and being approached, based on the rapport you've established through the enjoyable activities.

Mingle with other adults at the Interactive Soiree and increase your odds of meeting a new friend or that special person at this facilitated mixer. Just show up with your most important asset . . . your personality! We'll do the rest.

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