Amanda's Interests Revealed!

Use the image map above to check out my major interests. My hobbies include reading, horse-back riding, volleyball, swimming and spending time at the beach (I am a Californian, after all). I also enjoy drawing, painting (watercolor & acrylics), and creating original computer graphics. My favorite painters are Frida Kahlo, Renoir and Gauguin.

Right now, I'd say that my favorite writer is Dorothy Parker, she of the sad heart and ever-caustic wit. I like to imagine that, on my better days, I'm half as witty as she was when she wasn't awake.

Anyway, you may notice a change in theme for this part of my collection of pages. I changed themes because the other was getting boring, and I really do adore these cards from the Hecho en Mexico calendar and address book. If you whish to go no further, I'll understand. Return

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