Is it my duty as a history major to introduce you to my family's history? Duty or not, I do so out of pride. Three races, half-a-dozen nations, generation upon less-than-respectable generation, my family encompasses a cross-section of what your high-school history teacher would most likely call "The American Experience". The pictures here begin in 1929 (above), just before the crash that spelled an end to the economic well-being of the Spicers, my maternal grandmother's family.

Below are pictures of my mother and uncle Ron as children. They grew up in rural Missouri. They are quintessential baby boomers. My grand parents (above) met at the USO. Grandpa, a decorated Army/Air Force glider pilot. Don't they look so cute?

Above is a picture of my dear Daddy. He used to be a professional boxer. Doesn't he look tough? He's not, as far as I'm concerned. He has always spoiled me and my little sister rotten.

I will add more pictures of my family later. For now, you can return to my main page using the icon below.