Welcome to my reality. The quick summary is that this is my playground and my world, complete with a twist of lime and a splash of the eclectic, where I practice and contort HTML and put some of my interests out there for the world to see. It's not perfect, and it's certainly not finished, but hell, neither am I.

The Personal Nitty Gritty: My name is Malvina (with all sorts of variations used by those who know me well), and welcome to my personal playground. I'm from Maine. My hometown is Eddington, ME, just outside of Bangor (15 minutes by car, 12 minutes if I drive). All this of course means that I've been eating lobster, one of the tastiest foods on earth, since before I could crack a shell. Maine also has more micro-breweries per capita than any other state. I don't know quite what that says about us, but it's damn good beer anyway. I live for thrift stores, Guiness, good music, and a good book (or two or ten...).


I'm the proud child of hippies. It's resurged as they've aged and society has stopped telling them what to do all the time. My mom is an organic perennial landscaper, my dad is a nomad. I should also mention that I have a second family in Ecuador, where I was a foriegn exchange student; they mean a lot to me, as does my Latino community here in Maine.

I myself am a '98 graduate of Bryn Mawr College. While there I learned HTML during many LOOOONG overnight shifts, and I did a senior thesis on graffiti, and I've kept my eye on the walls and freight cars ever since. While in Philadelphia I also fell in love with Taller Puertorriqueno and the Painted Bride Arts Center.

I currently work as a caseworker in a resource center for homeless and low-income people and volunteer regularly for Maine People's Alliance.

That's the quick summary. If you want to know more, you'll just have to wander these pages yourself.

Ritual Disclaimer: Like any personal webpage, this page is little more than a ego-driven collection of odds 'n' ends which interest me. One more silly case of people trying to explain themselves to the world through technology.

Last modified November 22, 2001