Too much time, Too little to do

(a.k.a., My LOOONG and Quite Random List of Links)

    Many long hours of websurfing went into this page. Forgive me if some of the links are rather dusty (or drop me a line) but when I first found them, they were worth saving here.

    Homepage Creating Materials

    This list is my collection of resources. The sites that I have actually used to create this webpage are here as well as some that I just think are nifty but for which I haven't yet found a use (but I'm working on it...)

    • The nifty NCSA HTML beginner's guide that got me started.
    • HTML 4 YOU--Another, more extensive HTML guide, although it's descriptions aren't nearly as good.
    • The Netscape guide to frames. This helpful tool is one of the most misused and abused ones out there (aside from BLINK). This page will help you to make the frames do exactly what you want.
    • A great list of colors.
    • An abbreviated list of ISO character codes for HTML.
    • Recommended graphics collections:

    Useful Links & Procrastination Material

    • For goodness sakes, before you send out a mass e-mail about the latest computer virus you might have, PLEASE check with Hoaxbusters and Symantec.
    • And for all the best news that isn't really news, check out The Onion.
    • Pavement Terror--A prime example of Too Much Time & Too Little To Do, but damn it's funny!
    • Half Empty: Style with more than a splash of substance.
    • What does your future hold? My tarot cards can tell you, but since I'm not there, the www site will have to do.
    • Want to know your Jungian personality type? Try the Keirsey Temperment Sorter. Go'll be surprised by the results.
    • Another, very original Personality Test.
    • The Surrealist Compliment Generator--I could play with this one all day.
    • The 500 question Unisex Omnisexual Purity Test--if all else fails you can use it as a reference for new and creative ideas.
    • Piercing Mildred--All the fun of piercing with none of the mess.
    • Wedding dresses are one of the more amazing wastes of money in the American culture, IMHO. Some are more wastes than others...Check these out.
    • Serendip, a server in theBio department of Bryn Mawr College. Fun to wander about and play with the interactive exhibits and games.
    • Kensington Welfare Rights Union are working to make the world a more just place, one sit-in at a time.
    • Amber! (the marvelous woman who set me up with this homepage)
    • This homepage resides in Lucien. Thanks Mike and Kees!

    Last modified February 2, 2002