you know, i haven't gotten to anything in "shadows of the forgotten ancestors" 
on this yet, but it damned well better be in there, or i'm going to go 
absolutely nucking futz trying to figure it out on my own.

so here we are... evolved from creatures that aren't honestly altruistic,
but will give up their life for the continuous existance of close relatives.
fine.  so there was no emotion, but ancient life forms acted in ways that could
easily seem as such, metaphorically.  we develop organs, a nervous system, a brain.  
a brain strong enough to question and to grasp abstract concepts.  

why the hell is that a necessity?  
why do we need to be able to think philosophically, or to experience emotions?  
beliefs and feelings affect us strongly enough to make us act irrationally or 
illogically... and not care about that fact in the least.  is that 3 billion years 
of evolution??  just because we can feel guilty about our selfish ego-induced 
(and sometimes id-inspired) wants and needs, does it make humans superior?

i'm going through a lot of points here.... superiority is not my question.  
my question is why have we gotten to a point where emotion (inherent chemical 
reactions or not) exists in the first place?