to fall deeply
to see blue sky
rise out of reach
behind tear-glazed vision
beyond grasping fingertips
to sense one's wishes scoffed
faint phantasm tuned edge
of surrender smile
to fear that which frees many-
hope, dream-
this time binds to knots
shivering sadness
a heart layered...
core of which stolen away
in the breaking morn
shell remains
delicately draped
in struggling despair
in faith-removed dreams
in shattering acceptance
you make me... hungry
starved for the goodness that is you
to wrap your arms around something
you know feels right
to be incoherently lost in the feeling
is to be lost in ecstacy
but uncertainty...
murders the most beautiful and delicate of flights
your spontaneous freedom makes you beautiful
and i will not be the demon to steal your fire
a cynics' toast to the wisdom of right and wrong
for without it
i would surely wind my soul about yours
draw you into my darkwarm shimmering reality
for all time