for all the enshrines the fatality of life
beauty appears in sleight of hand ways
to you given now in these hands of days
my awe, some thoughts, my soul, some strife
all that one encounters on this journey
to be shared when least expected:
humblest of bowling-alley
greasy-spoon beginnings
already entranced... perhaps
ah! foccacia! burgers! gins and tonics!
softly voiced spring night warmed
by conversation of dreams, of memories
stretched into the robin's dawnsong,
sleepy late mornings of rich, black coffee
sifting, slipping unto the wakening senses,
museum field hall of glittering gems, closer still
cigarettes on dirty marble stairs
claustrophobic ancient scrolls,
darkly rolling, stormed sky growling
presiding over flannel cloud sheets
entangled between both
sensuation of margo sings deep
to permeate that perfect quad-space,
with aura, scent and arms of you
just where they should be
...about this lulled woman...