i dub thee a bastardous, pain-inflicting human.
and yet i still have love in my heart for you
and you know i do
it confuses you
it warps your mind to think that i've been so cruel to you
that it would be impossible for me to have any love for you
and it twists you more to think of how cruel you've been in
return; that love cannot exist through pains such as these!

i assure you that it can,
that it does,
that it will 
so long as i have breath inside me

you say you hate me?
still i love you
you say you despise me?
still i am concerned for you
you say you cannot fathom my evil nature?
still i am in awe of your innocence
you think you are alone in this?
have you ever been?
why did you leave me be?
did i request it of you?
i most sincerely apologise,
though even i know what apology is
on pain of a broken heart;
about as effective as a lead zeppelin
but you know now that you will not give me
that which is necessary to my delicate steel
structure of values and morals,
of beliefs and preconceived notions

you will never
can never
that this woman
loves all

the beauty of this piece of banter, my loves?
is that each of you believed it to be directed toward